Not paid - can anything be done?


I'm a member of a Reserve unit and we've been told that the majority of our pay sheets for last month weren't processed and therefore we all received hardly any pay yesterday (literally minimal...)

We've all been told that we'll have to wait for pay until August, which seems very unfair when some of us rely on this money month to month. We have done the work, filled in the pay sheets so why should we be inconvenienced from something that's not our fault?

I have heard a rumour about us being able to request a cash payout so that we are not financially inconvenienced by this. Is there a DIN/page in a policy somewhere that I might be able to use to strengthen our case?

Thanks in advance


There is a process for requesting an advance of pay. Speak to your PSAO as he will be the SME on this. I would not hold out hope however as this is aimed more at people going on annual camp who get paid weekly and will have trouble losing 2 weeks pay from their normal job.


Yeah, thanks for that. Partly it's a problem because we went on camp in June - although we always knew we would get paid for that in August, not getting the May/June pay in July is a right nightmare.

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