Not overly keen on the RAF

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by watertight, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Right back, for a while and was on the point of twisting jugulars and pouring bleach on eyeballs today today after a comment from a RAF guy....quote "You Army guys were walking in the mud doing nothing whilst the RAF were winning the war in the air"

    "When were you last on ops" I said,

    "Last year in the Falklands" he said,

    I replied "No, when were you last on ops"

    "I just told you" he said.......I left the room.

    Cooled off now......back in room

    "So why exactly do you only do 4 month deployments"

    "We don't, we do 4 months and one day"


    "Because you have to do over 4 months to qualify for R&R"

    I left the room again.

    Bit of a rant I know but if any Falkland vets (I am not one) want any comments relayed.... I'll do so with a whole heap of shut the fcuk up cnut!
  2. Why does arrse not have a "yawn" smiley?
  3. This does the same trick...

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  4. It's those WRVS women I hate. Not a tour between them. F*cking walting it about in their blue frocks, rattling tins at you. And whatsmore...they don't make their own f*cking cakes. I caught some of the bitches in Greggs. Walting c*nts.
  5. They have games though, I like women who have games, it excites me. Never caught them in Greggs though, I'll take your word for it
  6. They turn me on - no not the cakes
  7. Show him this picture this is what they did if they never got R&R

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  8. Que picture?
  9. I think that is when MILF became a meaning to me
  10. Hmmmm, cockpit looks intact, muddy landing like the muddy boots?
  11. Yes but look below cockpit thats a rocks trench its parked its self on top of, lucky it wasnt stand too. It was O.C 1 sqn harries who was flying it at the time at SAN Carlos
  12. If that were said in here it would be a blatant troll... Maybe he's a genius and has taken to trolling in real life... You certainly bit... :D
  13. Did he survive?
  14. Of course I bit, muddy boots and all.....[​IMG]
  15. Yipe he was picked up by a chopper and was out doing C.A.P. the following day.

    Less his combat survival kit from under his seat as we blagged it.