Not opening day but the first in our little wood

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by ugly, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    70 acres of woods, 250 pheasants and so far 1/3 of a ton of feed but the birds are there, the guns just need to shoot straight.
    The first bird of the day by Tony the GSP man.
    A smiling beater despite the weather;
    The bag, not bad for 3 hours of heavy rain and a lot of bnirds saluted!
    The Guns;
    The Beaters;
    Not fantastic but the shoot is coming on and we have only had it for about 18 months.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well done Ugly - I'm glad you got it working without losing to theft!
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thanks mate, got any 28 bore felt wad carts in?
  4. Looks like is was a fun day.
    Glad it went well
  5. Well done, a lot of smiling faces there. Good to see the young ones enjoying themselves too.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Both my sons shared my gun going a drive apiece but only one got a shot off. Its difficult running a shoot and actually taking part. Now we are up and running I will be able to swing a gun next time and I may use either the 28 or 20 bore guns.
    The guns all are allowed a guest day and most of the shoot is walking with occaisional guns as stops apart from a couple of drives where only 2 guns can walk and the remainder stand, then turn around and we drive the birds back over them from the oother way.
    Still its all good fun and even if the guns dont get more than a couple of birds each thats down to their shooting rather than the showing of the birds!
  7. Good to see the beaters out in force, and a nice looking patch of real estate well done that man.
  8. Fcuk me Ugly - do they have a bus service in your village?

    The gene pool amonst your beating team looks more like a damp spot. :D

    This is the 9th season on our shoot and we've just had 3 x hundred bird days, which is way beyond any previous bags.
  9. Third shoot for us and last bag 145 largest for three years, partridge flying well.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Cheeky tw@t, trhats the wife two of my kids, myself, a mate and a another mates son. Ergo our village (250, 000 pop) has a train service too! :wink:
    Not to put any young fillies from dropping in for impregnating!
    Maths may be iffy!
  11. You're too close to Brighton!! Too many hermers!! ;)
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Far enough away to keep the steers and piers at bay!
  13. Unfortunately I only own 10 1/2 acres, but there are some nice size deer. I missed this one the day after opening season. I guess there is always the late doe season in December!

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  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Our deer seasons are much more forgiving, no bag limits here anyway and all round the year we can shoot species and sex permitting. No tag applications, hunter licencing or outdoor cards and yet we are still overrun with them!
  15. We have a lot of deer as well, and the population keeps increasing. They aren't the real problem, it is the wild boars. We can shoot them anytime, no requirement for a license, nor is there a bag limit. There are a lot of wild turkeys (a flock of 30+ birds) especially two pieces of property west of me. My next door neighbor told me that one of the hunters feeds them year round so they are always running around our area.