Not only in he UK apparently

I'm not saying thos is fact just tha an Americam ex serviceman posted it on another military site. If so it seems that we aren't on our own.

In a front page article of today's Sunday paper:

The US Army says, "No treatment for Pre-Existing Conditions".
But US Senators Christopher Bond (R-Missouri) and Barack Obama (D-IL & US Presidential Candidate) challenge this cause for discharges.

Thousand of US military personnel are being discharged- as many as 10 a day- for
"mental health reasons". But the Pentagon isn't blaming the war...but "pre-existing conditions" that disqualify these men and women for ANY treatment!

Regardless of the facts of PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and other combat-related injuries- being in a front-line combat mode from the moment of arrival in-country... this is a quick and easy way to get rid of people and not have to provide a penny for their care!

According to Senator Bond: "They've kicked out over 22,000 personnal for Pre-existing Personality Disorders. And once you have kicked them out, they don't get the assistance they need, they aren't entitled to DOD or Veterans Administration care for those problems.

Senator Obama adds: "This is deeply disturbing because those who have served this country aren't getting the care they need." DoD records indicate over 22,500 personnel have been discharged over the past 6 years.

According to Jon Soltz, founder of, these untreated psychological probelms are contributing to the highest military suicide rate in 25 years, and a growing number of homeless vets. "If these mental problems existed before they joined, they would have been uncovered during initial training."


There is a broader problem of psychological damage to vets that are due maily to 3 factors:
- Multiple and longer dployments.
(Doc's note: Recently the DoD decided AGAINST a policy of equal time in, and equal time out. Instead the policy is like 12 months in, 1 months home, 18 months in...2 months an insane ration made by high-ranking jerks behind Pentagon desks! You never get time to unwind before you are back in the line again. By this time you are emotionally and physically drained, which IMHO leave you to either doing something that gets you killed there or go nutters when you come home...)
- The stress of fighting an insurgency with no breaks- and everyone on the front lines! Cooks, medics, mechanics, clerks, supply personnel....makes no difference.
- Better and faster medical care that helps troops survive horrific injuries that leave deep and often unhealed psychological scars...that you being home as an unwanted souvenir.

Past wars- thru the last Gulf War, averaged 3 casualties for every KIA, whereas now the ration is 16 to 1...yet according to one expert, "that 1 is really the tip of the iceberg." In fact, one Congressional staff member who works on military issues says the Pentagon's rationale is: "We didn't break you...You were already broken. You are not our responsibility." The anonymous staffer adds: "One solider I know was diagnoses with this Personality Disorder after a 45 mnute talk. He'd been in the military for over 10 years, was making it his career...byt he was shuffled out in a matter of weeks. We keep getting these stories."

At least we actually have both Democrats and Republicans united in this matter. They are both working to get legislation to review this entire process. Illinois House Representative Phil Hare (Democrat) said: "It defies logic to think than tens of thousands of our servicemen and women slipped through the cracks during the pre-screening process. We have a moral obligation to review the discharge process and ensure we are getting it right."

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