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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Spotterwatch.

    Spotterwatch - Home

    An RAF Policeman who is also a 'spotter' (not defined as to what he 'spots') getting the the 'spotters' to watch RAF bases...

    Maybe they could band teh 'spotters' in to a paramilitary organisation... Royal Observer Corps perhaps! :D
  2. The same as 'Trotter Watch'?
  3. Wonder how many doggers get snaped with camera phones
  4. Spotters at Farnborough Airport (civ & mil traffic) for many years, they like to watch the aeroplanes and stuff, used as Neighbourhood Watch by the authorities and issued with a password for identification so that Chinese spies are quickly outed before they have it away with the top secret plans for the Sopwith Camel. CivPlod are meant to know the word in case of incident, of which there have thus far been none these past two centuries, but you never know, eh?.

    These folk know each other so they identify strangers quickly, like the train spotters, then I suppose they do some kind of "Advance and be recognised!" type thingy, then just the usual burning inside a wicker man if the stranger doesn't know the word. Or take them a mile down the road to Aldershot.
  5. Yes, I'm all for it - Lets organise a Bring Back the Royal Observer Corps campaign.

    As I particularly loved their ROC Post's - you know the 1500 odd Cold War Nuclear
    monitoring bunkers, that are dotted about the length and breadth of Britain.
    Would love to see them re-instated again as it brings back memories of
    the 'Four Minute Warning' and 'Protect and Survive'
    In fact, it only goes to show you didn't have to travel to West Germany to see
    evidence of the Cold War, like the Berlin Wall. It was here in your own back yard,
    thanks to the ROC Posts and the bunkers of the Regional Seats of Government,
    not to mention, Corsham.
  6. I was alluding to initial role of the ROC...

    You know their pre 1955 role was aircraft recognition and reporting, usually on roofs of buildings, don't you?

  7. A lot more than you may think.
  8. Elderly uncle last christmas interrupted a conversation on walking our dogs by telling us he has lots of doggers where he lives,rural location, woods nearby. "I let them shelter under the car port when it rains" He said. "They can get a bit noisy and make a mess but they usually clean it up. Some bring me cakes and the kids give me thank you cards".
    He lives near Nuneaton so you could take it either way.
  9. When is he installing the CCTV?