Not on JPA yet, Should I be worried?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Old_Gregg, May 27, 2007.

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  1. From what i've read here and what i've heard from the RAF lot where I work I sound like one of the lucky ones! However we've not received any passwords or training packages yet and have sat though one ten minute presentation about 3 months ago...which told us what we already know, fcuk all.
    :? Is it brown trousers time yet? :?
  2. Not really, unless you have a really strong urge to mess around with your bank accounts / make a claim.

    What are you? (reg/TA) etc

    If you really want you can go to Armynet and do the 3 hour long e-learning..
  3. its the lack of jpa terminals that will further complicate things
  4. Im a regular, thanks for that I didnt even know you could do it on Armynet.
  5. If you think you've been added to the database but just haven't received your letter through the snail mail then try this:

    Phone JPAC:
    You: (embarassed) Hi, I uhh lost my password..
    JPAC: What's your service number?
    You: It's (service number)
    JPAC: Ok, can you answer this crap security question?
    You: Uhh, yeah.
    JPAC: What town were you born in?
    (this is the DEFAULT question for ALL new accounts)
    You: Its (Your N.I number)
    JPAC: Thanks, your password has been reset to xxxxxxxxxxxx.
    You: Cheers!

    Please don't abuse this information :twisted: