Not on JPA yet, Should I be worried?

From what i've read here and what i've heard from the RAF lot where I work I sound like one of the lucky ones! However we've not received any passwords or training packages yet and have sat though one ten minute presentation about 3 months ago...which told us what we already know, fcuk all.
:? Is it brown trousers time yet? :?
Not really, unless you have a really strong urge to mess around with your bank accounts / make a claim.

What are you? (reg/TA) etc

If you really want you can go to Armynet and do the 3 hour long e-learning..
If you think you've been added to the database but just haven't received your letter through the snail mail then try this:

Phone JPAC:
You: (embarassed) Hi, I uhh lost my password..
JPAC: What's your service number?
You: It's (service number)
JPAC: Ok, can you answer this crap security question?
You: Uhh, yeah.
JPAC: What town were you born in?
(this is the DEFAULT question for ALL new accounts)
You: Its (Your N.I number)
JPAC: Thanks, your password has been reset to xxxxxxxxxxxx.
You: Cheers!

Please don't abuse this information :twisted:
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