Not my year at all - Blah

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ozzymick, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. Where to start.

    Just managed to get over having a mong face for 5 weeks (Bells Palsy) and now I have broken my left clavicle in two places chasing some miserable scrote who was pissing about on a motorbike in the family camping area at work yesterday.

    Whats next????

    I am thinking about running a book. Any suggestions??????
  2. Suicide?
  3. Poor taste but what odd's we going to put on it??????

    Other suggestions?
  4. becoming a estate agent
  5. Self-castration?
  6. That would sort out the women problems, so possible
  7. Fuc k that I could never stoop that low
  8. Avoid those places.
  9. C UN T, that hurts, I am laughing now :D
  10. what about entering politic's 8O
  11. Interesting, dont think I could make the country much worse
  12. Tut tut, wouldn't expect that sort of thing on here :D

    You could combine two of the above and go for political suicide, seems to be a run of that sort of thing at the moment. :roll:
  13. Got any pics of you with Bells Palsy?

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  15. Hope you heal well Ozzy,i've been there mate not nice bones to frag. :roll: