Not Much Happening and wots yours



Evening Lads - not much going on in here then this evening.

Mines a bottle of wobbly and I'll have one of those scabby naafi pizzas love :)

What you fancy :?: :?:

There is this "fairly new" feature on ARRSE, not sure if you have heard of it or seen the link on the front page of the site, it's called CHATROOM. Try it next time. mk
Just had a cup of tea-delaying tidying my office by arrsing around-how sad is it that at 1920 on a wednesday I am still in the office-fookin Billy nomates me

exits sobbing quietly
blindfire said:
Of course - all ladies welcome :D what u having??
Definitely welcome. Nice to meet a lass again that likes her pint!!

But I ain't eating any of them NAAFI toasties!!! :puker: makes me waste the beer!!!


Oh BTW feel free to smoke - we're in Germany not SS GB :D

But I have to sneak out for a tab or the missus goes mad :oops:
scotlass said:
Thank you blindfire i must say this is very civilized. But for the record its Tennents and Rohypnal, and pass the ashtray please.
Its only early doors, wait till its 2200.

And I do apologise for getting your order wrong. Have some extra Rohypnol to make up for it.


22:00hrs - well I'd better get the fridges stocked up pdq.

Someone put some music on will you - the jukebox is free :wink: preferably something with a bit of life - no namby pamby stuff here thx unless requested by at least a half decent women( and I mean a women - no girls) :D :D
wheelchairwarrier said:
a phrase I've not heard for a long time and now probably never will again

" Gentlemen , you may smoke "

Oh and mine's a WD40, slice and ice please.
Wheels i thought you would be half way to Edinburgh by now..
How about That's entertainment - the Jam to start with...
Topping up my G&T anyone for a Plymouth?
Best I avoid the cigars, or I'll sound like Barry White in the morning!


I'm sticking to the wobbly - its only Wednesday and I've got to work tomorrow(well turn up anyway :) ) and next up is weeeeell lets have a bit of nostalgia - so its the Clash then but not to loud..............

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