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Iran pledges financial aid to Palestinian Authority

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran pledged on Wednesday to provide financial assistance to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority following threats by Western nations to halt aid to a Hamas-controlled government.

"We will definitely provide financial aid to this government so that they can stand up against the oppression of America," Ali Larijani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA students news agency.

He was speaking after a meeting with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, who is touring regional countries in search of financial support.

"We hope that the new Palestinian government overcomes its current problems with the help of Islamic countries, including Iran," Larijani said
About bloody time the rich oil states started taking on some financial responsibility for their neighbours. Of course the cynic in me knows the only reson this has come up is it gives them another stick with which to try and beat the US. :roll:

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