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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Mighty_Mech, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Guys & Girls

    I know its probably been done to death before but....

    I'm a serving Soldier

    Me Fiancee aint, (who I've bin with for 5 years)

    she gets rock-all from the Army, (even if I die)

    Fair one you may say....

    However....If I was a Gay or Lesbian...

    My partner would get full rights as if we were a Hetero Married couple.

    How the **** is that right??

    No offence to Gays Or Lesbians but its gotta be a level playing field aint it???

    Call me Mr Militant!
  2. This is a general discussion point and not limited to the Signals Forum. It is being moved to somewhere more appropriate. BTW your wrong. If on your death your "partner" can prove she was in a long term relationship then she can claim a pension. Or if you want to make it clearer you can get married, just like a gay couple have to do.....
  3. Whinging Mech now theres a change!!!

    Simple answer is you get married or meet a bloke and have a civil partnership with him.

    Gays servicemen and women only get the same rights if they have a civil partnership. A gay serviceman or women in the same type of of long term relationship as yourself have the same problem as you.

    It has nothing to do with long term partners etc.

    Get over it already!
  4. 5 years!...why arnt you married by now......afraid of commitment?

  5. Isn't the answer staring you in the face ?

    Or are you thinking of batting for the other side and want our approval ?!

    As Disco says, to get MQ/pension/etc, the batty boys and rug munchers have to be 'married' as well.

    The playing field has never been more level.
  6. Sorry people but a civil partnership is not "marriage" it is a partnership and just says they are in a long term relationship. I am in a long term relationship my girlfriend and i are both divorced and have said we are happy as we are! We have our own home and i commute most days to work but eventually i will be moved to another post where that will not be so easy.There are no reasons why we could not be given the same rights as those who are married! We can prove we live together and share all the household bills etc.I for one do not agree with all this civil crap the fact that split arses can get a quarter if they get up the duff or regulary rug munch their pal and the tin roofs who do the same.
  7. A civil partnership is a legally binding contract between the two partners (much like a marriage certificate in fact).

    If they want to dissolve the partnership they have to do so in front of a judge (much like a marriage) and give grounds for the dissolution (much like a marriage).

    So it is not quite the same as you shacking up with your bird.
  8. This one made me laugh.

    You are either a very clever individual, citing a well practiced, inflammatory and prejudiced diatribe for amusement. (It made me smile!)

    Alternatively, an outrageous dullard, having to your advantage the tri-service's annual allocations worth of inane idiocy.

    A civil partnership is not just a long term relationship. It is a legal relationship, in all practical ways, it is the same as a marriage.

    The reason that you do not get the same treatment as a married couple, or same-sex couple in a civil partnership, is..... and wait for this..... You are not married OR you do not have a same-sex relationship.
  9. Your long term "partner" can claim a pension, she is not entitled to receive one though.

    This is a simple matter of contract law, the MOD does not have a contract with the so called, and inaccurately referred to "common-law wife".
  10. I got married to my husband after being together for 12 years , we always wanted to get married but never got round to it . What with the kids, house ,car, job and every other excuse under the sun. Him joining the army gave us the nudge we needed and we have now been marrid for 18 months, nothing in our relationship changed. Getting used to army life is much harder!!!!
  11. Oldhag you never told me that you were finding army life hard to get used to what with your busy social life and everything. :lol:

    And what all this about "all the excuses under the sun" eh 8O
  12. It is time for the army attitude to change towards long-term partners. But what really bothers me is that because I'm now divorced, my kids have ceased to exist according to the army. I am overseas and get no assistance whatsoever in terms of warrants for the kids to visit, yet if i were still married, the whole familty would be entitled to one. I cannot claim temporary LOA for them when they visit either. Yet I know of circumstances where the army is more than happy to assist the CSA in taking money for kids. Double standards.