Not losing weight/working out almost daily????

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cakenarse, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Been in Civi strasse for 2 years, kept myself fit and trim while serving. However what with being desk bound since being a civi i have gone from 92kg ish to on average of 97kg ish (6ft tall and not carrying to much extra weight just extra around waist). Now i work out almost daily for an hour and am pretty sensible with my diet but am not losing weight;

    Typical daily diet:

    breakfast = Pkt of porridge (100 calories) and an energy oat bar
    Mid morning = granola snack bar
    Lunch = cup of soup (approx 150 calories) and peice of fruit
    Mid afternoon = (not every day but a energy bar 250 calories)
    Dinner = sensible dinner, low in carbs

    Workout daily, with one day off a week:

    45 mins on cross trainer, 3000 metres interval training on rower, 15 min ab ripper workout
    5km run on treadmil, 3000 metre interval training on rower, 15 min ab ripper workout
    5km run on treadmil, 15 mins on step machine (the one like cross country skiing), 15 min ab ripper workout

    When working out i workout at a high intensity, 5km run time is 22mins 30 secs -23 mins 15 secs

    Any advise on either the diet or workout to make it more effective to burn fat and lose weight?????
  2. Simply put, the problem (certainly part of it) will be the fact that you say you work out at a high intensity..... high intensity training is not conducive to weight loss.

    For weight loss training you need to wind it down a bit, rein things back from an intensive pace.

    Dont have time to go into it in a great details but look up the differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

    I had the same issue... my food/diet was modest (not killjoy carrot munching) and I was doing a lot of running, biking at fairly high pace, weight had plateaued. After a bit of reading and scaling the exercise rate back to a lower rate (watching heart bpm as a guidline) it made the required difference.
  3. I have read bits and bobs about fat burning being more effective in the aerobic zone, thing is after 23 years service if im not blowing out my arse i feel as if im cheating, might invest in a heart rate monitor (polar) to better manage my heart rate, i know that when working out running and rowing im generally at a heart rate of 175 bpm (im 41).
  4. I highly recommend doing HIIT ... thats High Intensity Interval Training... it burns more calories in the long run and more fat that any of this aerobic zone malarky.... dont believe me... then google it.

    Essentialy 1 hour of aerobic zone burns 1 hour of fat.. and then switches to burning sugar for hours
    20 Mins of HIIT burns 20 mins of sugar... switching your body to burn fat for the following hours.

    and do it first thing in the morning for better results.

  5. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps there are other ways.

    Have a look at changing the input - this blog is quite useful as it has pointers, free recipes and some of the success stories are positive.

    It's basically going onto a boxer's diet (that's how Atkins made his mint) so increase the protein and fat, decrease the carbs.

    Seems to work for me if I can stick to it and not veer back into Pringleland.
  6. That old chestnut. This shite about working in a low threshold zone was thought up by fat lazy cunts years ago cause they were too bone idle to put some hard graft in. This myth was debunked by sports scientists years ago. End of the day, burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. Simples.
  7. SUGAR,and 2 much carbs,carbs prdoduce sugar,sugar puts weight on too much exercise produces muscle,muscle weighs heavier than fat.
    Eat a sensible diet of fruit veg pasta,only exercise moderately @ your age,walking a dog for 5-10 miles per day is the best form of exercise,at brisk enough a pace to make your heart rate rise but not race too high.
  8. Are you for real?
  9. Have done some research and it is recommended that HIIT is the most effective way to burn that stubborn excess waistline. Im not into the gym queen muscle building stuff, just want to shed a few lbs and maintain my fitness. Not being a fitness guru can anyone confirm or put me straight on the training cycle i have listed below, have purchased a polar HRM so can better control my heat rate training zones, i am working in the Stan with very good gym facility and workout in the gym due to the ammount of crap and dust in the air outside.

    30 Min HIIT Treadmill
    15 Mins ski cross trainer
    Ab ripper

    30 minsCross trainer
    3000 metre row
    Ab ripper

    30 Min HIIT Treadmill
    15 Mins ski cross trainer
    Ab ripper

    Rest Day

    30 Min HIIT Treadmill
    15 Mins Handbike
    Ab ripper

    30 mins Cross trainer
    3000 metre row
    Ab ripper

    45 Mins moderate interval training
    15 Mins ski cross trainer
    Ab ripper
  10. It never ceases to amaze me when people try and over-complicate training and weight loss. Fally has hit the nail on the head: Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. Its that simple.

    If I were you Id cut out the 'high energy' snackbars and ramp up your phys a bit. Should have you sorted in no time. Alternatively, look at a high protein/low carb diet to encourage your body into a state of ketosis. Again though, its complicated and requires research to ensure your doing it properly, so Id just keep it basic and eat less/train more.
  11. you need to be working between 60-80% to burn fat, any higher and your going to be building muscle. to find out if youre working in this range a simple but not 100% accurate way to figure this out is by finding your max heart rate. (220 minus your age will give you a rough estimate) then you need to work out what 60 and 80 % of that number you get is. you then need to keep your heart rate between those two numbers.

    i.e 20 year old... 220-20 = 200. 60% of 200 is 120 and 80% is 160. so heart rate needs to be kept between 120 and 160.

    but you also need to cut down on the calories, phys alone wont help if you are scoffing maccy d's and kfc everyday.
  12. Eat Less, Move More. Nothing worth doing is easy, and there are no short-cuts in shedding the flab. Well, apart from Liposuction...

    Try not to 'plateau', too. Vary the activity. Olympic weights, like the Hang Clean, and squat, can help fire up the old metabolism, too.
  13. This is the kind of rubbish that is usually trotted out by the female sections of the Sun and Daily Mail - a reader base that wants to be seen at the gym but would rather not sweat while they are there.

    You're a PTI? do some proper research.
  14. Early morning runs, as soon as you get up help. Have a glass of water and nothing more. Hit the road for 30 minutes, this causes your body to burn fat as you have no energy because you havent eaten. This won't neccesairly drastically improve your fitness but will work well, this is what bodybuilders do on a "cut"