Not long to go..... redundancy!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pingu823, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Just wanted to ask if there are many on here that have put in for it at all?

    In particular the CSE / Techs. 7yr + LCpls are the band.

    Only 26 places going.... 2 from 21 Sig Regt.

  2. Relax mate, no point trying to work out if you're safe just yet! You can never predict the clusterfuck that will come out on D Day.
  3. I doubt very much that it will be a cluster, just look at VEng......oh.
  4. If only I would have driven my application to Glasgow myself:(

    Munch Me
  5. I'm in line for it as well, attached to 4MI Bn. I can think of 2 at 21 sigs that I was on my class 1 with, and another 1 at 18sr as well as one of the lads at PJHQ who was bust.

    I haven't put in for it because where our 3 man team is so busy, 6 months isn't enough time to sort my shit out. I'm not fussed either way. If I get it, it's a lot of money in my pocket, leaving me debt free with enough to put a deposit on a house and there's enough work out there in the trade, esp if you're IS orientated (I joined as a Radio Tech but have done the joint Class 1) and have experience with Microsoft Server environments and VMWare. If I don't get it, then I've had 2 very stong SJARs on the bounce and should do well on the promotion board.

    I think a lot of it will be covered by Class 2 IS tbh.
  6. Just a quick question...

    7 year tech LCpls... do we have many?
  7. I don't think there's that many tbh. Probably got 26 and they're getting rid of us all.
  8. What's the crack with LCpl to Cpl promotion now adays for Techs?

    Is it boarded?
  9. Yes

    Munch Me
  10. So are 7 year LCpls utterly sh1t, and unpromotable or the norm?
  11. Well that is a matter of opinion! :0

    Munch Me
  12. Does that opinion depend upon whether you are a 7 year LCpl tech or not?
  13. Well I suppose it does - I have served with a few 7 year LCpl techs with 7 years behind them, most were good at there job but had a few personal flaws!

    Munch Me
  14. Does that mean 14 year LCPls?
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  15. Knowing Gaz SWVOC personally you are pretty spot on TB. He has always been good at trade but took a few years to grow up. Now a mature tradesman with a good future ahead if not made redundant.