Not like the Scum to sensationalise

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Sep 1, 2007.

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    The shock horror speeding bikes speedo is in Ks. Illegal, but not exactly the jailing offence that the moralising wnakers make out.
    If they can't be trusted to check this pathetic non story, how can they be taken seriously about owt else (That is rhetorical btw)

  2. Bikers do have a tendency to exceed the speed limit. As a biker, you know that surely.
  3. It's just over 100mph then.

    Must have been a very slow news day.
  4. That'll b e OK then as it's usually someone else who gets killed not the idiot on the bike.
  5. How do you work that one out then?
  6. If you do 176mph on the roads anywhere in the UK, you will go to jail.

    If you do 176 mph on the autobahn here in Germany, it's perfectly legal.

    Strange that we think we are liberal and the consider the Germans to be law-loving Prussians.
  7. You talk nonsense. Its usually the dickhead in the car who walks away after not looking when pulling out a junction, not the biker whos splattered against a tree or 300yds down the road with very thin leathers and a fucked bike.

    Anyway, back on topic. Looks like a fireblade dash to me (anyone confirm?) so who can blame the guy?
  8. So it's the drivers fault for the biker speeding?
  9. Now I didnt say that. I said its the drivers fault when he pulls out of a junction without looking. Even if the biker was doing the speed limit, its still going to end up in a free flying lesson.
  10. i don,t mind bikers doing 100 mph plus......if they want to die let them,but i can,t stand the tossers that pass you in a line of traffic on a busy "a" road then cut in narrowly avoiding a head on collision.then there,s suicide biker trying to pass between 2 cars side by side on a dual carriage way/motorway! :x
  11. More accidents are caused by mongs in cars not looking, than speeding bikers.

    I ride into London every day and every day do 110+ on the A3. Perfectly safe there, but not on the Kings Road.

    Speed doesn't kill. The use of speed in the wrong places is wrong.
    Only 1/3rd of accidents (maybe even less) are caused by speed.
    How about we nail the cnuts that are sending texts, or driving while off their melons? How many speed cameras will catch these cunts?
  12. Nice to see how everyone jumps on bikers for speeding. Of course, you lot would never speed in your cages would you? God perish the thought!

    Only by riding a bike do you really see how crap the majority of drivers on the roads are.
  13. i,m a part time biker myself but the suicide mongs give the rest of us a bad name! :x
  14. To be fair, bikers have more than their fare share of mongs also
  15. It looked like a piece of highly skilled bike riding to me,the only danger was to themselves,and the Woodhead road isn't that bad in places.