not leaving your Home without a weapon?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nodigitsever, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. as it's simply not safe anymore to do so!

    where can I purchase an SLR/SA80 from?

    e bay?

    I am just renewing my right as an Englishman to bear arms!
  2. I'm a great fan of the right to bare arms, but for some reason people look at me funny when I carry this one.

  3. Carrying one of those is more likely to get you filled in than help to protect yourself!
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Last time I did that, someone actually put a fiver in my bowl.
  5. Why would you ever consider an SA 80 over the long barreled shooting stick, you can't really butt stroke someone with the SA 80 and you have to stoop to plunge a bayonet into the eye socket..... so I'm lead to believe.... :roll:
  6. I support the right to own and arm bears.
  7. :sleepy:
  8. Arming bears is definitely the way forward! I look forward to sniping competitions in the North American forests.
  9. I like the sound of bare arms, and bare legs in the summer......
  10. Yeh, but not in Scotland any thing that hangs out of clothes in the summer looks like they ve be involved in a chemical explosion.
  11. OOYY once the blue hue changes to white in the summer my arms and legs are pretty amazing thank you.
  12. I wasnt refering to you it was the rest of scotland, and when the hue turns to white thats the pasty coloured skin of our Scotts brethering.
  13. I never leave the house without a full load of sarcasm and a hefty guage Scottish accent.

    Had a slight altercation last year with a young gentleman of African descent. The police became involved after the little scamp threatened me with a baseball bat and I punched in the wing of his Merc. I was accused by the young chap of "disrespecting" him. He then accused me of "you don unnerstand, we coming from different backgrounds". I pointed out that I was raised in a "(Greenock) council housing estate which was rife with drug use, crime and high unemployment. And you're from Tooting.". I pointed out that we both appeared to be from similar backgrounds unless of course he was playing the race card?! If so, I would have to pursue a charge of Discrimination. The very nice copper, chewing his lip to stop laughing, took the little tinker aside and gave him a warning. I was sent on my way with a merry "you sarky fucker!"