Not keeping his end up......

In that second photo down, is there any real reason for that young man to stand like that? He looks really gay!


Now if that was an Action Man collection.......Naw fuck it still Gay, end of the day still dolls =)
Is this gentleman a homosexual?
No he isn't. He's as straight as a a very straight thing. He does fuck the arrse of a bloke who is a tunnel tester though. But he's not gay. Definitely not.
His husband's called Dennis Shitlicker.

Sounds nice, but I don't think your chipolata (or as you call it, pork sword) is of any interest to me. The skin poncho sounds good though.
Florida is not the real world, and a pair of Septic turd-burglars shouldn't really be a part of it anyway. God, I've seen straighter butcher's s-hooks.

She is scary!


Book Reviewer
Florida is not the real world,
Nah. What happens in Hudson, Florida is of vital importance to us all. It is almost as vital as what happens in Wales. And we should all thank vinniethemanxcat and his chums for keeping us up to speed.

By linking us to stories in the Daily Mail.
Who cares what he does, it's his life and his money.

Hang on! Pink? What a fucking pleb! Pastel blue would have been much better.
Well he's 10 on the gay richter scale but his obsession is a mere blip compared to some peoples obsession with an old, out of date piece of military equipment.

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