Not just the US military that can't hit the right target...

"Crap happens," said the 23-year-old. "I'll live to shoot another day."
Well, at least he displayed a certain aplomb in coming to terms with his f*ck-up. I once scored unfeasibly well on an APWT, because the bloke next to me was still hanging out from the night before, and put a few into my target. :D

(Spankers beat me to it by seconds :roll: )
good feeeling, but never could repeat it :oops: :oops: :oops:
guess thats what happens when i take credit where its not due :p


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"It's only happened once or twice in my whole life," said Emmons, (23,) who began shooting at 14. "It's never happened to me in international competition.
Nine years of shooting then ?

To paraphrase then, "On average I make a dick of myself at home every four and a half years" :D

But hats off to him for taking it well, unlike certain other competitors' teddy-chucking tantrums.

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