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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fireballs, May 20, 2007.

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  1. can anyone inform me of rules and regs around tattoos, as i don't wanna ask my troopy. plus if anyone has any pictures of their own tatts, flags, crosses, women etc.

    p.s. yes... jpa is w@nk
  2. Ask your cat.
  3. love on the left hand, hate on the right hand in really thick blue ink, a rather poorly drawn swallow on the left of the neck and mam n dad on the right side of the neck and you should be ok.
  4. You cant go around asking people to show you their Tatts, at least take them out for a meal, get to know them, you know, be a proper Gent. The rules are containted in QR's, rule of thumb, they should not be raciest, Un PC etc and preferably out of sight when in Uniform.
  5. get some tears coming out of your left eye and "what the feck are you looking at ?" tatted across your head. Spiders web on the elbows and neck also rock. If you can't afford them then just go for the obligatory dotted line around the throat and the words "Cut Hear". If you are feeling flush then get a little red triangle with your blood group and zap number tatted onto your forearms (don't see too many of them these days).
  6. When you go on to have children, make sure you give them short names so that you can have them tattoo'ed on your knuckles. Dean and Shaz are good examples
  7. Rules and Regulations on tattoos? Are you having a laugh? You can still have tattoos as long as you dont get them in "stupid" places i.e Face and Hands.

    Saying that, an old CSM of mine was covered in them. If in doubt, ask your boss!!! LOL