I am crab for my sins, I have mixed views on JPA.

I am not against JPA, but I want the grown ups to hold EDS accountable. I know there is talk of legal action etc. However, it would be more appropriate if the JPA complaints proceedure is followed and that all compliants submitted are collected by someone (BAFF?) idenpendently of the CoC.

I think this would work because, if BAFF or someone holds this data they can correlate it against FOI request from the MoD. Also whether all of MoD is to blame for on-going JPA problems is not my concern. I am concerned as a Tax Payer that EDS a private company is creaming in money and failing to deliver on the contract.

My questions are?

1. What is the JPA complaints procedure?
2. Is BAFF or another organisation willing to collect info.
3. Is this a rasoanable and WORKABLE stratergy that could hold EDS and the MoD accountable for our personnel management?

Your thoughts please.

My personal Stats with JPA:

20% success with initail claims.
No paper pay-statements sent to my home or unit.
Only one month where pay is correct.
30% success with getting simple information from JPAC.
Credit of GBP4000+ in overpay
Average wait to settle a claim 75 days.

I am past pissed this is now about accountablity for the rest of service career.


Heading for Jail again

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