Not hot - The least attractive females - Charlottes Thread

Trawl the web on the quest to find some real 10 pint maybes, the winner recieves a mars bar and a free shag with the winning "girl".

Let me start it off..

I know what she can wrap them teeth around*

*an iron bar, maybe
Fucking hell I can tell you lot are fussy and have obviously never been under the influence of alcohol whilst stood in The Burmuda triangle (leconfield), Towers (hull), Gs wine bar (Bicester), Swallow falls disco(Betws-y-coed, Wall-to-wall women the barman said, yeah cos three of the lardy cows managed to touch all 4 walls at once), Sammys (Gutersloh) The George (Aldershot, Specialises in chavettes),The parkend club (oxford, and no its not full of posh totty). Anyone of the birds above to go in there and would go home with a squaddie that very night.(and asked to leave at 5am on a saturday morning because the SSM is about to do a room inspection in 10 minutes, honest).

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