Not hearing from your Son - even when he is not deployed

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Father, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. I have been worried that I have not heard from my Gunner. He had been dumped by his Fiance whilst on a training course, by telephone. Biatch.

    I had a call from him nine weeks ago when he told me that he was not going to call for a bit. He still hasn't.

    A letter was written to the Regiment Welfare Officer who called yesterday, he told me that as he was over 18, there was nothing they could do.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  2. Call his BSM, it might have the required result.
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  3. At least you know your son is OK as I assume the RWO would have checked him out.
  4. Good ideas both, but if he won't get in touch by phone, why don't you write to HIM! instead of the RWO?
  5. I forgot to say that the RWO did say that they would get his Sergent to watch him for a couple of days, and if there was anything to worry about they would take care of it, and jog him to "phone home".

    He was really cut up to get the "Dear John" call, and we worry, as all families do, about our nearest and dearest.
  6. We had done, every week for eight weeks, and no reply at all. Thats why we got really worried, and as we dont know any of his mates, the only route we could take was with RWO.
  7. He must have a mobile? As has been suggested, write to him or maybe e-mail?
  8. He cut his contract off, as he did not want to be called, he stopped his Face Book account and email account, they just bounce back. We tried everything apart form flying over and go to the Guard House !!! :)
  9. How about letting him be the adult you raised him to be, and he'll contact you when he is ready? You know he is OK 'os the unit told you he is, so relax dude.
  10. It is quite clear to me that if you have tried all means possible to contact him, then there is a reason why he does not want to speak to you. You can rest assured that he will looked after, but if you are that worried arrange to go to his barracks and see him face to face.

    PS. I am so pleased you did not post this in the Naafi bar!!!
  11. As hard as it may be, leave him to it. I did a similar thing as a tom. Now I see it was selfish, but at the time it was right for me.
    You know he is okay, thats the main thing. He will come round in his own time.
  12. Thanks for your support one and all. I know the Army family will look after him. It is just hard sometimes. Thanks again.
  13. Father - of course it is hard but big respect for you for caring - especially for a gunner ! lol

    (It is an Army thing, taking the mick out of gunners)
  14. Send him a letter every now and then, letting him know how the family is in general etc etc. Don't put any pressure on him to reply though.

    Hope everything works out OK.

    Remember he's a squaddie and we don't always do whats right :)
  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I suspect we've all gone through or dealt with similar cases.

    You can leave him to it, but if you're seriously concerned (rather than just worried) you could drop the padre a line and ask if he'll have a discreet look-see (they do it all the time). It's always tricky getting the balance right between being justifiably concerned and being a clucky hen (even as a father).
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