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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. Having watched 'Newsnight' tonight (07/07/06), it seems that Islamicist views with regard to (alleged) Islamic suicide bombers, the indigenous population of this country are fair game for terrorists.

    Within the British Isles (Ynys Prydain) we have many (mainly humorous & petty) arguments about the various peoples who have shaped this country (the armed forces of various religions/sects) who have sworn allegiance to the crown.

    </p> Why is it (if the reports are true) that Islam (a religion) is given priority over the indigenous population and other religions, and have a "Council" which is consulted by the elected government?

    </P> We are informed, on almost a daily basis, that these people have integrated, yet
    the proponents of Militant Islam in this country expect, nay demand, that others with differing opinions should either convert to their views/religion or be put to the sword!

    Welsh/Irish/Scots/English tend to get on, despite nationality, religion, rugby, hockey (and if so inclined football).

    P.S. I am somewhat tired and emotional :blush:

    end of rant
  2. The problem is extremist minority that alienates the moderate majority. To paraphrase something Jon Stewart said "radicals are in the spotlight because moderates have sh*t to do"
  3. The reason there's a representatice body that's consulted by Government?

    Because there's a problem with that "section" of the population.

    You don't need a Hindu Council or a B'hai Council for Government to consult because by and large, they just crack on.

    Now... My contovertial point :D

    I have to wonder just how "moderate" the "moderate majority" are.

    It has always been stated that there's a "vast silent majority in NI who just want peace". I don't believe that and I'm none too sure about the same statement constantly being applied to the Muslim community.
    I know many people here who wouldn't dream of carrying out an act of sectarian violence or of openly (or even covertly) offering material or moral support to those who do. But they know who the players are, what they've done and when. Not a word is said because... Well, various reasons. But the gist of it being.. They don't particularly care as long as the violence is directed at folks on the other side of the peaceline.

    Muh... Just thinking out loud.

  4. Music of Black origin (MOBO)?

    Black police assn?

    Parliaments for everyone except the English?

    We sold ourselves down the swanee.........
  5. What goes around comes around then?