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Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Gora_Saheb, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. My 1RO and 2Ro SJAR has been finalised while I was on Op Herrick where there was no JPA access. I am fully qualified for promotion. The SJAR is very weak and says ''need to spend more time with seniors to improve my management skills'', MPAR not seen on the date it says, positioned behind downgraded and unqualified Cpls and other errors and mistakes. I feel that they are not taking my career seriously and being discriminated because of my back ground and cap badge.

    Any ideas and suggestions would be appriciated and Can I submit a service complaint form about this matter?
  2. Did you not discuss the issue with your first RO before it went to your second? Did you use the comments box or did you not bother? What did your second RO say about your comments?
  3. I've taken the liberty of amending your post. It now summarises your position much better.
  4. I was in Afghanistan that time I didn't have chance to comment or speak on 1RO. I just seen my SJAR couple of days ago.
  5. Not how it's supposed to work, is it.

    JSP 757 Tri-Service Guidance for Appraisal Reporting.
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  6. You're probably not the only bloke in the bottom third who isn't happy about his SJAR. You can ask for a redress but you'll still stay in the bottom third.
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  7. I am happy to stay in the whatever position. I just want to make my point i would like to be treated same as others and get what I desreve.
  8. But if all SJARs were wrote on the basis of what the soldier thinks he deserves, nearly all would be in the top third. As I said, ask for a redress.
  9. oh what a gift the giftie gie us......
  10. To be fair, if he didn't see his 1st RO's comments and have an opportunity to comment then the OP has a genuine grievance. The days of running roughshod over people's careers has long gone.

    In the fist instance you need to speak to your chief clerk. I take it that JPA shows the SJAR as finalised? I suggest that you make your request in writing and keep copies.

    You can challenge this on a breech of the JSP, and also any factual inaccuracies. That said, if you are a git and you deserve what you got, then be prepared for fall out
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  11. From long and painful experience I have to say that any post that includes phrases such as "being discriminated because of my back ground" is almost certainly a wind-up or, if not, something that is best ignored.

    If it's a wind-up then I have to say why do it - there's some vulnerable people out there who take seriously much of what is posted on the internet. Show them some consideration and respect man!
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    But the report can not be sent to the 2RO without your, as Subject Officer, clicking to say so. Plus the MPAR is taken from the MPAR bit in your JPA Self Service section.

    Also promotion potential is on Merit for Promotion and just because some are not qualified they could have more Merit for promotion and only need to gain the qualifications.

    In essence talk to your 1RO with your thoughts.
  13. True, but irrespective of whether he's had an MPAR or not or not seen the 1st RO's comments he will still stay in his current position. The CoC may have fucked up but the soldier has been placed in a pecking order on his current abilities.
  14. It's all very easy to jump on someone when they complain about their SJAR, but if it does contain comments such as:

    "need to spend more time with seniors to improve my management skills"

    Then that's utter tripe and the RO needs to spend more time with competent officers to improve accurate writing of SJARS.

    @ the OP. what is your rank?
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  15. Mine contained a paragraph about a recent sporting achievement and then marked my physical strength at B-.

    At first I suspected my Mrs was 1RO because it's the type of irrational bollocks I have come to expect from her over the last 12 years.

    Just as with her I knew comments were unwelcome and of no avail.
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