Not had a Scouser grief fest for a while, so standby. . .

There was a newspaper report of how Rhys Jones's killer, Sean Mercer is now the daddy in his prison, one of the major drug dealers. I am pretty disappointed about this. I wanted him hated by the other cons and screws, looking over his shoulder, in fear for his life.
I have sent that to a few people. I reckon the Man Utd fans will appreciate it more than the Liverpool fans who read it. Ha!
Was sent to me by a mate who is a mad United supporter. He is Keith Norris, the owner of "Big Lily", the 100 foot by 60 foot flag. Nuts about football, his son is the star player in the Linfield youth team.

Keith wrote a book some years ago, I get a credit in it! I'm called "The Computer Wizard" as the computer used to write the book shat the bed, and I managed to get the data back. He and I drank 18 bottles of red wine in the process. A movie is being made about the whole United-following culture, and he wants me to be in it. (I support Chelsea, as I used to live in Fulham, not far from Stamford Bridge)

Keith and I have been mates for 30 years, he's a good lad.

Here's me with Big Lily at Carrickfergus Castle. I'm on the bottom left, trying to hold the flag down on a mega windy day. Lifted clean off my feet more than once.


Took a few photos myself that day. I had borrowed a Hasselblad DSLR, a bunch of lenses, light meter, the whole bit from my mate Johnny, who is a professional photographer. Hadn't a clue what I was doing. A proper photographer from the Belfast Telegraph showed up and asked me if I was working for the Associated Press. I said "No, why do you ask?" and he said "You've about 10 grand's worth of gear there, I just assumed" :D
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What are the mouth breathing dole-ite Mancs going to watch now on daytime TV?
I can't forget them because I've never watched Jeremy Kyle!

[other than inadvertently catching a few seconds of it when switching channels.]
Just in Springfield park by Alder hay and have sent a strongly worded email to the council about the state of the littering.
Apparently some yob called Alfred dumped it all...

Too soon?
It's never too soon to mock Scousers old chap, never, ever, ever.
To be fair mocking chavs from all over, there's stuff there from all over.
Yanks are well presented with lots of anti arbortion rhetoric.
As Jeremy is off air we miss this beauty & hard drug taking eastenders has been.

Bet some on arrse would do her still

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