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midwesterner said:
""I don't know why I did it. I can't explain it, it just happened," -Scott Aitken
Because you were pissed up, objectifying the skank who had signed on for a two way with les Paras and probably it seemed like a good idea at the time. Was this the 1000 dollar thrill?
schit dude your right,

(1994) criminal offense.
Alaska: C NONE
Arizona: C NONE
Arkansas: C YES Ark. Stat. Ann. Criminal Offense:
@13A-6-63 (1994) "sodomy in 1st degree"
California: C YES Penal Code Section 286.5 Misdemeanor
Colorado: C NONE
Connecticut: C NONE
Delaware: C YES 11 Del. C. @777 (1993) Class D Criminal felony.
Florida: C NONE
Georgia: C YES O.C.G.A. @16-6-6 (1994) 1-5 yr. jail sentence.
Hawaii: C NONE
Idaho: C YES Idaho Code @18-6605 "length of imprisonment
(1994) in excess of 5 years is
in discretion of court."
Illinois: C YES 720 ILCS 5/12-12 (1994) Crime.
Indiana: C YES Burn Ind. Code. Ann.
@35-42-4-2 (1994)
Iowa: C NONE
Kansas: C YES K.S.A. @2103506 (1993) Aggravated crim sodomy
security level2, felony
Kentucky: C NONE
Louisiana: C NONE
Maine: C YES 17-A M.R.S. @ 251 (1994) Class C Crime; 3-5 yrs
Maryland: C YES Unnatural/Perverted up to $1,000 fine,
Sexual Acts Article 27, Max of 10 years PT
Section 553
Massachusetts: C YES Mass. Ann. Laws. Jail sentence of not
ch. 272 @34 (1994) more than 20 years
Michigan: C YES MCL @750.185 (1992) Jail sentence not more
than 15 years
Minnessota: C YES Minn. Stat. @609.294, Either fine of not more
(1993) than $3,000 or sentence
not more than 1 year.
Mississippi: C YES Miss. Code. Ann., Sentence of not more
@97-29-59 than 10 years.
Missouri: C NONE
Montana: C YES Mont. Code. Ann., 10 year sentence and/or
@45-5-505 (1994) $50,000 fine.
Nebraska: C NONE
Nevada: C NONE
New Hampshire: C NONE
New Jersey: C NONE
New Mexico: C NONE
New York: C YES NY CLS Penal @130.20 Class A misdemeanor.
North Carolina: C YES N.C. Gen. Stat. @14-177 Class I felony. 3-10 yrs
North Dakota: C YES N.D. Cent. Code Various penalties, & can
@12.1-20-03, 12.1-20-07, be considered either
12.1-20-12(1993) "gross sexual imposition"
"sexual assault" or
"deviate sexual act"
Ohio: C NONE
Oklahoma: C YES 21 Okl. St. @886 (1994) "imprisonment not to
exceed 10 years"
Oregon: C NONE
Pennsylvania: C YES 18 Pa. C. S. @3101,
3123 and 3124 (1994)
Rhode Island: C YES R.I. Gen. Laws @11-10-1 7-20 years.
South Carolina: C YES S.C. Code Ann. 5 yrs jail and/or fine
@16-15-120 (1993) of at least $500
South Dakota: C NONE
Tennessee: C YES Tenn. Code. Ann.
@39-13-501 (1994)
Texas: C NONE
Utah: C YES Bestiality 76-9-301.8 Class B Misdemeanor
Vermont: C NONE
Virginia: C YES Va. Code. Ann. Class 6 Felony
@18.2-361 (1994)
Washington: C NONE
Washington DC: C YES DC Code @22-3502 (1994) Fine not more than $1000
("Sexual Psychopath" and/or sentence of not
chapter) more than 10 yrs
West Virginia: C NONE
Wisconsin: C YES Wis. State. @944.17 None listed
Wyoming: C NONE

C= confirmed
Best wait out for an invasion of welshman mate!............. Come to think of it Jocks are into that sort of stuff as well! Anything on muff diving Manatees in the Florida Statute books?

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