Not guilty of assault.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. What happened to presumption of innocence?

    I am fed up of reading about the right of 'victims' followed by the action of * Services who are protecting the world form 'alleged' assailants, particularly in cases like this.

    Source: Linky

    Seems to me, if you're an adult, law abiding, working and generaly decent member of society then you are automatically assumed to be a lying pervert/bully of some variety as soon as some gobshite complains.

    The authorities side with the victim while wringing their hands saying "It's the law and for the greater good ..." etc

    It's hardly suprising that the way forward seems to be "make the motorist pay "(See here)

    The incompetence of the authorities is stunning, 9 months to put together a obviously flawed case. Is there no one with a brain in the police and CPS?

    <fx checks details of immigration possibilities to N Korea>
  2. Buddy I am as exasperated as you, but 'you get the police service' that the public wants. In the good old days police turned up and realised it was shite and jogged on. Parent complains about lack of action (Cause my Johnny would never have behaved like that), and then it became the fault of the police. The police are buggered either way. In my short tenure in the police service, I received numerous 'reg 9s' one of which was a registered complaint, for taking a '9 year old child' home after he was seen to throw empty cans of beer at passing cars. He did not hit any. The nature of the complaint, I had breached his human rights, (No arrest involved), and had detained him (in returning him to his parents), against his will. The parent told me to jog on and then told his kid to go and play with the traffic. Hundreds of similar stories, but won't bore you to death they all have a similar outcome. The best line of defence it would appear is attack. I now do something else, I wonder why.
  3. Mate, I have a couple of friend who are job, they seem to have the same experience. While I realise that proceedures are there for a reason is everything just passed as a file? Does nobody in the chain talk to the officer that put the report together? Has 'judgement' been removed and everything is slave to the 'system'?
    I really have little confidence in the police(1) and I base this on personal experience I'm not just getting outraged on someone elses behalf.

    (1) Unless I was deranged enough to, say, travel at 35mph in a 30 zone, in which case I should rightly be hanged(2)
    (2)For those who may care this is not the personal experience I base my comment on.
  4. In my experience it is not about 'reality' there are times you speak to parents and the reaction is as expected....laudible, but for the most part it is a blameless society. I would agree that speeding is 'an easy hit' which helps statistics, but there again 'you members of the public want the police to be more accountable. Things have certainly changed in the last 20 years. More so in the last 12 years. I am missing a number of front teeth for apparently being resilient and the magistrate considered it part of the job and gave the nice man a community service order, with no costs.

    To my mind mind you want your Police Service to be effective, in reality the Criminal Justice System can't cope with the people we bring in. I have been in the situation, and I have said it before on this site, that you can't physically arrest someone cause there is nowhere to put them.

    I think as a country we need to decide what we want. An effective police force or an addition to social services.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    One of our ACF AI's was recently accused of assault by a cadet.It transpired that the AI had,when taking drill & was inspecting the cadets,gently pulled the cadets shoulders back (brace up) & explained the drill movement.
    Said cadet told mummy,AI was suspended but on investigation,the accusations were proved unfounded.
  6. The problem appears to be that we don't know how 'we' are and those that fill the statute books are so divorced from reality that we are now in this socialist cul de sac what is UK.

    I suppose it's no difference from grossly overpromoted political researchers deciding what forces are required on the ground and which items of equipment they need to fight a war.

    Right, I'm off to boil my head.
  7. My point exactly, we want swift robust action unless it involves my 'johnny'.
  8. It sickens me with cases like this, particularly when you think of the money thats been pi$$ed down the drain, because an idiot can't look at the evidence properly. Having recently met a couple of people that work at the CPS, I did wonder how these people qualify for the job, I've seen complete and utter mongs that could do a better job.
  9. The thing that really makes me laugh is that the dominant idea at the moment in philosophy, education and the social sciences is the idea of a "practice". Life is composed of practices, humans learn to contribute to practices, learning a language is not the same thing as learning grammar, grammar analysis comes later.

    So, "the peace" is a notion, bound up in a "practice". Being "a constable" is not simply being "law enforcement". If you try to define a breach of the peace by stipulating necessary and sufficient conditions you could spend the rest of your life and fail, yet all well-socialised citizens can identify a breach instantly. Blah, blah, blah.

    But, despite subscribing to the idea of practices and judgment we then seek algorithmic solutions to all our problems. We don't trust anyone to make a judgment, and by doing so for years we've created people who can't judge. We believe in legislation rather than the common law.

    The first question a cop has to ask themselves (IMHO) is, "Who, basically, is the bad guy here? Who is f*cking at it?" The instant you get away from that you are doomed. My cop pal said that all the paperwork should be replaced with a single sheet of A4 with three boxes to tick - "How out of order was the accused? 1) Out of order, 2) Well out of order, 3) Bang out of order.

    People shouldn't assault other people, shouldn't touch their property, shouldn't obtain property dishonestly and shouldn't behave in public places in a way that makes other people uneasy or anxious. If someone does any of the above anyone who isn't a violent thieving piece of sh*t should be able to make use of some self-help to secure themselves and their property, to keep the peace, and to convey the offender to the police.

    We will regain our confidence and begin to rely again on our judgment the instant we realise that the supposed alternative is impossible and corrupting. It isn't a question of avoiding the evils of bad judgment through prescriptive and detailed rules. It's about accepting that judgment sometimes fails, or choosing to live with anarchy.

    This sounds unrelated, but did you know that Glasgow's schools are spending around £220,000 a year for each class of thirty. Teacher costs say 40 - where does the dough go? i) Promoted teachers who don't teach and (wait for it, ii) "behavioural management units" (akin to where the bloke who was arrested worked). We are spending 40k a kid to try and address a situation which in the past would have been fixed in seconds at zero cost - save some tears. And despite spending all this dough, the principle victims are the disruptive kids themselves.

    Fuckmegently - sad is the land...
  10. Bring back the slipper, board duster and cane.

    Beat some sense in to the little sh1ts.
  11. I couldn't agree more.
  12. My bold: 100 per cent agree! It is about time people who make malicious accusations are prosecuted for their actions! Too often blameless people get accused and then have to prove their innocence while the accusers are 'protected'!