Not good news for the new Iraqi Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, Oct 24, 2004.

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  1. Sickening.

    How can anyone claim that these poor guys will be an effective force by the January "elections" if they can't even defend themselves?
  2. These soldiers were unarmed as they went to their homes on leave. Also seems that insurgents had some inside info that enabled them to ambush these soldiers.
  3. Why were they travelling with no security or personal weapons for protection?
  4. Good question.
  5. Well, not only are they on leave, but they are still recruits, so they wouldn't be armed. As for security - sounds like a good way to draw attention to the fact your in the security forces, guaranting your house will get hit, and you and your family will get slotted.

    The whole thing sounds like an inside job, however....
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Possibly because the recruits are still not pv'd and no-one knows if they're terr plants ?
  7. Still not a great incentive for future recruits to sign up. These guys were from the south, around Basra. It couldn't hurt to give them some kind of escort at least until they were back on Shia turf.
  8. What looks the better target in terms of damager to the coalition; A convoy of mini buses, or a convoy of mini buses with light escort?

    I doubt it would have made any difference anyway, if not just made them a more likely target.
  9. Might be an argument for training these guys closer to home, accepting even the inherent risk in that, rather than having them wander unprotected through what's effectively Indian country for them. It does have all the hallmarks of an inside job, though. Not much that can be done about that apart from better screening.
  10. More a case of shit PerSec if you ask me, they should have taken different routes and left a different times.
  11. Probably easier said than done in the economic circumstances, especially if they were paying their own way home. There's no quick-fix solution.
  12. Easier than the suggested kitting them up or under escort, may i add. I would say different routes and different times is a quick fix, and if they haven't got a grasp of basic PerSec they might as well hang there boots up now, Iraq is unforgiving.