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In cavalry regiments standards/status was set by not only the breed of dog but also by the number following the orficer around, RHQ on a Monday morning was like Crufts, dog shite every where. Followed closely in the status game by make/model of car owned, subalterns with anything other than a Golf GTI were persona non grata. Volvos was acceptable for Captain and above.


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OK. So to be clear; The police (assuming civilian police) didn’t believe the issue merited further investigation or charge (for whatever reason) and yet you managed to push through major admin action? No challenge from the Soldier?

Kudos for pulling that off. I’m astonished that your CoC and Legal allowed it.

E2A; apologies for going on Devex but you have piqued my interest. If I remember correctly, admin action is a rehabilitative function as opposed to “punishment”. So effectively the individual fell short of expected Army values and standards but not the civil law? Would that be correct?

Happens a whole awful lot, and although I have no way of knowing about @devexwarrior 's case, like most things it can be used for good or evil. Even if the AGAI action can't be landed, a motivated superior will have a good crack at manufacturing a career foul for their subject, and depending on who the superior is, will often succeed.

Personally I think that is way open to abuse (and is often abused) so prefer the more staid approach you describe in the RAF. If you cannot do a soldier for an actual offence, which you can define and evidence, you should not have the power to pursue them by other means. Unfortunately, in the Army, officers all too often do.

The classic example is: we can't find something to actually charge you with, so we'll charge you with a vaguely worded breach of the Values and Standards. As you'd imagine, that can be pretty toxic. Nixing that approach relies on a fairly informed, robust and independent soldier saying: "bring it, I look forward to the extensive complaints procedure", which in any case doesn't solve the problem of bad blood which inevitably results. It is not a justice system that is designed to achieve just outcomes.

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