Not given all the facts on leaving

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Conrad_Cock, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. 1. The money belongs to them?

  2. 2. They get a bonus if ther is some left?

  3. 3. Cannot be bothered?

  1. I am due to leave later this year after 22 yrs and find out that my final move should be paid for by the Army. This is found out by an acquaintance at another unit who has an admin department run by clerks who
    a. don't regard the money as there own
    b. seem to want to help you.
    are there any others out ther due to leave have useful tips for people who are leaving, apologies if this is a common rant, I am just a bit wound up today by it all. Also apologies to clerks that this does not apply to.
  2. There sould be made available a leaving pack to all personnel who are to leave the army what and when they can claim. It should be easy enough to produce and cover all eventualities. For example for someone leaving at the 22 year point maybe it should cover what they are entitled to in their last tour up to when they leave and when they can claim it. A simple flow chart would suffice.
  3. I did turn up with a lot of info but was told it was wrong, so I am off to see my mate who is a senior pay bloke who always ensured that nobody got seen off.
  4. When I exited the last time from full time service, processed out at Grantham, I wasn't even offered a lift to the station nor indeed the warrant I was entitled too!

    Played "whose a silly bastard then" with the chiefy there....

    C:Can I have a warrant please Chief
    CC:Sorry sir (said as if he meant it), however your own unit needs to issue that
    C:I've been demobilised here and you are supposed to do that
    CC:Well I should take it up when you get back to your unit sir (pronounced as if spelt C-U-R)
    C:Go on...please
    CC:Fcuk off sir. Don't bang the door on your way out please...
    C: (under my breath) Bollocks!

    So I got a hire car and drove home to Hampshire. My address of record was still St Andrews, Fife. My 1771 is a matter of public record as now are these two fingers I raise to the AGC. "Cost of rail ticket to Fleet £40, mileage claim £120, cost of hire car £35...ramming it sideways up the bastard AGC...priceless!"
  5. Always good to be adult and stick to fingers up at them, I am planning my leaving interview talk to my CO, it runs to a few sides of salient points, and will no doubt be ignored by him, no suprise just counting the days down.
  6. Whether he listens or not doesn't matter. you will have said it. To his face. It is a good thing...
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You have a mate BB?
  8. Well I sort of hemmed him into a corner and told him he could not go unless he was my mate, still counting dwn the days. Looking forward to my leaving interview.
  9. Just found a final tour of duty provisions form that appears to say that if I am not 50 miles or two hours from my intended place to settle is entitled to move at public expense and disturbance allowance, the only problem is that I have to get it in 6 months before I am out which gives me a couple of weeks to sort things.
  10. The problem you have when you leave is that very, very few serving people have actually done it, so most don't have a clue what its all about!!
  11. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    When you leave the system doesent want to know, sadly I was on the y list for 18 months before my med discharge which was 3 months before my 22 year point, how many times was I contacted by my unit in that 18 months - None!! I now work for a company that helps MDs find work so if I can help let me know :D
  12. All the information is there for those who can be bothered to look! The trouble with a lot of people is they are too used to having their backsides wiped for them and they expect everything on a plate - I agree there is no excuse for idleness or bad advice but maybe as practice for civvy street try to look after yourself for once! It's too easy to blame the AGC clerk who has possibly only done a basic finance course and an Imprest course but is suddenly expected to be the expert on everything financial!! The vast majority of clerks/RAPC/AGC I have come accross over 25 years of service have shown a site more dedication to trying to get things right than the people they are there to work for..
  13. Hi PW, the problems I had were often differing advice one part of the resettltment chain gives one lot my own clerks disagree with that and say we read it as this, I turned up with a full brief in my hand from a pay clerk, formerly RAPC, so I figured he knew to be told by my admin he was wrong about his info so I contacted him again and got him to call my admin office to advise them as he clearly was a subject matter expert, that has caused me more bother i was trying to make sure that others did not have the same problem, should have known better!
  14. Word to the wise, do not alienate military clerks. Surprisingly not all are shiney arsed weak kneed wonkers although this does apply to the majority (it did when the agc was first formed).
    I found out exactly what my entitlements were and also the relevant instructions on how to get them.
    Experience did the rest.
  15. I may be slow, but isn't it the job of a clerk to 'look it up'?

    WOULDN'T IT BE SHITE IF YOU WENT TO THE MED CENTRE AND HE/SHE SAID, "Your treatment is there for those who can be bothered to look..............and while you are at it, look up dentistry as it will be good practice for civvi street......."

    Give a soldier a break shiney arrse, do your job!