Not getting your trade options

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Bazzaa, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi it looks likely that because i have not got the qualifications required i am not going to able to do my allocated trade although i was passed to do this on entry. I am looking for advice regarding my possible options

    1) Will i be able to wait and do my trade some time in the future when i have obtained the qualifications in my own time.

    2) Can i opt for no trade and stay as a combat engineer.

    3) Can i choose any other trade that i am qualified to do.

    4) As the army can not offer me the trade i joined for and was accepted for can i apply for discharge.
  2. I was selected as sparky after a year I was told to select another trade as my results were not good enough

    I told em to poke it 'politely' and stuck to my guns left as a sparky (I will say that it was in 84 though)

    There was a shortage of some trades so they tried to convince some to select new trades 'ones they were short of of course'

    I believe that you have to have more than one trade now 'and why not more employability while in and when left'

    Have a good look at the trades and decide which ones you wish to do as a back up 'talk to some in those trades' find out what the course entails then decide (personally I would stick to my guns but is easy for me to say that, I did and it worked I passed but had 3 others who were RTU'd and went POM off my Class 2)
  3. they tried to retrade me from sparks as well, but i also stuck it out & do not regret it for a moment.

    live the dream.
  4. That was then and much has changed, what they need now is many who can fire any weapon system, or an SA 80! :)
  5. In the RE they want and need people to do all jobs

    Lost count of the times on tour I had to do knocking and trade then build our own camp in down time

    After all its why we are Engineers not grunts

  6. Hmm interesting!

    It worries me that theyve allowed you in to do a certain trade and then have informed you now you're in that you cannot do it. That doesnt seem to be playing fairly at all. :( Smacks of incompetence somewhere along the line, unless you possibly misrepresented yourself at an earlier stage, although that wouldve been highlighted earlier.

    I dont belive you'd be able to sit out and wait to pass qualifications to then select that trade, although you'd like to think that after a problem has occurred as yours, that the system would take the hit and allow it to be corrected on their time.
    You'd have to do a trade. Every man-jack of us is triple hatted as Soldier - Combat Engineer - Tradesman. It's why we're what we are. We bring something to the party in whatever situation we're thrown into.
    I would imagine you'd be given the option of choosing a trade that suits your qualifications, subject to there being a slot for you on the course, etc. Leaving a Sapper in TV troop for long periods of time doesnt tie in with the way the system tries to run. It does no good to have abled bodied Sappers sat in the Depot twiddling thumbs when there's work to be done at the sharp end.
    Couldnt comment on the last option!

    I assume youre currently going through phase 1? If so I believe that you'll be given an interview with the RCMO (or whatever he's called at Gib) when you get there. Failing that if you're at Gib already, ask your Troop management for assistance in organising an interview to discuss your career and trading.

    Either way, I wish you luck in getting your situation sorted.
  7. I'd stick to my guns. You joined a specific trade, you were told you could do it from the start, you were given no reasons (at the time) why this trade was off limits to you. They're the ones that shifted the goalposts, as long as you've been honest about your quals all along there's no reason why you shouldn't be asking a few questions to your TC.

    Although I don't know what trade you applied for, what quals are required for it or what quals you actually have, I get the feeling this is just smoke and mirrors from the army to try and force you into an undermanned role. I may be wrong, but I've seen it too many times before to doubt my suspicions.