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For some strange reason, and only in the last couple of days, i have stopped receiving email notifications when new comments are posted on the threads i am following; any ideas? I have checked my junk email folder and they are not going there and i have the option checked in my preferences.
Check that you are still subscribed to those threads, as from time to time (posssibly coinciding with the COs playing with the servers) all my subscriptions disappear.
It seems to be happening again, i cleared all of my subscriptions and then subscribed, by posting, to a couple of new ones. I got a few email notifications but now they have stopped again. I have actually checked the threads and there are replies that i have not been notified of. Any ideas anyone?


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If you go to 'Settings' then 'General Settings' are you still set up as having your default subscription mode as email?
Try updating your notifications on the tab under your subscribed threads.

PS I can't upload a pic to show you. This seems to be another glitch.
Our fault - not enough disk space on the Amazon virtual server we moved to. I'll increase it tomorrow and meanwhile have deleted some stuff to make more room. Mail should be running again now.


some emails were sent to your btinternet address at 1118 and 1120 this morning and I haven't had any bounces back. Spam?
A couple of weeks ago SSAFA had a problem with a spam infestation. For about two days all emails from SSAFA to btinternet addresses were blocked. Have btinternet blocked you because of spam? The notification wasn't one of a 'bounce' but of a delay in sending.

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