Not for Everyone | History. Richard III Almost Found?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tremaine, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. This mightn't interest everyone, so apologies in advance. This might be better tucked away in a Group discussion so again, apologies. The hunt for the burial place and bones of Richard III, has stepped up in the last few weeksand apart from "worldwide media interest" there's to be a Channel 4 programme, later in the year.

    Been following this for weeks: King Richard III dig team make discovery in Leicester car park search | This is Leicestershire

    From today's Telegraph: "Archaeologists searching for the remains of Richard III are a step closer to finding his resting place after discovering the church where he was buried". The dig to recover the body of the king, who was defeated at the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor in 1485, has unearthed the long-lost Franciscan Friary where he was buried.
    The church, which is also called Grey Friars, was known to be where Richard III was buried but its exact whereabouts had become lost over time.
    The discovery of the friary means the project, led by a team from the University of Leicester, has edged closer to finding the deposed monarch's grave. Lead archaeologist Richard Buckley, co-director of University of Leicester Archaeological Services, said: “The discoveries so far leave us in no doubt that we are on the site of Leicester's Franciscan Friary, meaning we have crossed the first significant hurdle of the investigation. “It is remarkable that the third trench has now made us certain that we have located the Friary church – not only a huge step forward in the search for the remains of Richard III, but also important new evidence for one of Leicester's major religious buildings, lost for over 400 years". The University of Leicester, with the Richard III Society and Leicester City Council, will open the site to the public on Saturday, September 8 from 11am to 2pm.
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  2. How many of the JCBs have been clamped so far.
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  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I always had the Stanley's at Bosworth as the prototype for Italian military tactics. Hang around on the sidelines, then join the winning side when there's no risk.

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  4. Dick the Turd
    Ought never to have occurred
    One can only wonder
    At so grotesque a blunder.

    (With apologies to the late EC Bentley)
  5. Northumberland too. And Richard to Stanley "Join us or your son dies". Stanley: "Sire, I have other sons".
  6. So far the erudition is impressive. - No Dukie I didn't say eruction so don't give yourself a medal yet.

    But assuming they do identify the burial place what then? Do they rebury him in Westminster or build a theme centre on it?
    Or is a simple identification enough for them?

    Pity then can't find Harold Godwinson's resting place. I'd visit.
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  7. Dwarf...Waltham Abbey?
  8. That's just over the river Lea from me. I scuttled some poor chavvy minger in the abbey grounds in 1988, about 30 feet from his grave. I was going to shoot in her eye, you know, as a sort of tribute to him, but I got carried away and broke my promise not to fill her belly with my muck. She was a good friend of my mate's chick which meant I was not flavour of the month for a bit, and indeed neither was she!

    I love history.
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  9. If any remains are found, after DNA analysis and verification at Leicester Uni, they'll probably be moved to Leicester Cathedral.

    Edward V and his brother Richard Duke of York's alleged remains are already at Westminster. No real evidence for Thomas More's and Shakespeare's accusations about Richard or the murders.
  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    A hearse, a hearse, my Kingdom for a hearse.

    (Sorry. This is actually very interesting.)
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  11. I'll bet he used to clean up at poker as well...

  12. This aint looking good though, the dig ends Sunday because the government wants its property back. Are they thinking this isn't important enough? It's only some King, so why bother? "Archaeologists won't have much time to find out. The dig began on Aug. 25, and will end on Sunday, per the government's demand (it wants its lot back). "It's a long shot," says the head of the project. "It's like a game of Battleship. You pick a square, H-3, and—Miss!" But there have been encouraging signs, in the form of some medieval ruins that have been uncovered. And if bones do surface, the archaeologists are ready: They're armed with a DNA swab taken from a likely descendent of Richard III's sister". Fcuk me how hopeful can you get?
  13. Well being a pro Rickardian I found this quite interesting. I've visited Bosworth battle field when I found myself in the area and found it quite impressive. I found this reference. " The Kings [Richards] dead body was stripped, carried naked across a horse to the house of the Franciscans in Leicester, exposed to public view for two days to prove he was indeed dead, and then buried without stone or an epitaph. Some years later Henry VII provided the miserly sum of £10 1s to provide a coffin of sorts for the dead kings remains. When, during Henry VIII reign the Franciscan convent was dissolved the bones were thrown out and the coffin became a horsetrough outside th White Horse inn. By 1758 even that had dissapeared; the broken bits had com to form part of the inns cellar steps." Richard III, Charles Ross

    Frankly if they think they are going to find him, I wish them very good luck. I still hate Tudors.
  14. LeoRoverman it IS QI and let's hope they find something. Just a bit pissed at the government for wanting its ******* car park back on Sunday. This is hugely important. Been to Bosworth many times and its visitors centre. The tale of the remains of Richard being thrown in the Soar are argued against by locals and the Richard III Society. I've heard of the horse trough too. I hope more, that the accusation of the Princes' murder will be eventually disproved. Could have been Henry VII what done it, and that those bones of the Princes in Westminster will be tested again. Richard III societies have put up pretty convincing arguments against Thomas More and Shakespeare, "historical records" and the accusations. Personally I'd think old Richard has had a bad press.

    Richard III and The Wars of the Roses
  15. So would I!