Not Fit For Combat

Interactive picture showing the poor condition of the DDG Stout and CG Chosin.


Most of the missiles couldn't be fired, and neither could any of the big guns. The Aegis radars key to the ships' fighting abilities didn't work right.

The flight decks were inoperable.
Most of the lifesaving gear failed inspection.

Corrosion was rampant, and lube oil leaked all over.

The verdict: "unfit for sustained combat operations."

Those results turned up by an inspection by the U.S. Navy's Board of Inspection and Survey - commonly known as an InSurv - would be bad enough if they came from one warship.
So what now?

Do you just throw them away and buy new ones?
So what now?

Do you just throw them away and buy new ones?
I would think a near complete refit is in order, especially for the Chosin, which doesn't seem to have a single functional weapon system, even after 2 1/2 year inactive, invincible is probably in better nick.

How does this not get reported as a maintainance issue?

I wonder how much more of the US' massive fleet is unfit for duty?
P45 for the chiefy and the mess webley for the skipper. Presumably the tiffs were spending all their time watching porn in the chiefs' mess?

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