Not feeling quite so lucky huh!?

He was not charged following the shooting but has been taken off firearms duties.

A second official also told an investigation he believed the weapon was unloaded.
Ah. That's all right, then. No action to be taken against a careless fool, then.

Remind me again, what would happen in the event of an accident to a farmer who 'believed' his shotgun was unloaded but didn't check?

It's just so reassuring that there isn't a double-standard being operated by Police forces. :roll:
phaserrifle said:
intergeri said:
how about taking a loaded gun into a classroom for a safety talk??? tosser!!
he's a yank. they have very different ideas about guns to everyone else.

oh and hes DEA, considered (as far as I can tell) to be a bunch of cowboys, even by the americans.
Looking at the video, I really think the weapon might be loaded with a blank to scare the kids. The way he walks off the hole in his foot seems to suggest he may not of passed 9mm of lead through it and into the floor.