Not even Police are safe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by still21inmymind, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. When will this government waken up to the unrest and high crime in our country folks.Can we ever get our streets back to normal? Are the police only interested in protecting those with money and wealth and influence in this once great country?Since 1997 the country has become a disaster zone in which economy has a priority over law and order.
  2. My bold, T J, that my friend is the hub, crux and other pseudosmutty sounding fulcrum of the sad State in which we exist.
    BTW, tried your Google Map link, and Mr Google said 'Do you mean Tartan Jock', so he must know you well then.
  3. There have been many instances of police failing to deal with illegal raves and the associated criminality, claiming that they don't have sufficient resources. Perhaps they made a rod for their own backs, since the creatures who organise and attend such events seem to think themselves above the law.

    Watching a police reality programme at the weekend, I was struck by how much police time seemed to be wasted avoiding arresting obnoxious drunks and troublemakers. However, why soon becomes apparent, as those who actually were arrested all seemed to be released without charge or cautioned.

    Zero tolerance is the only way to deal with these problems.
  4. TJ and still21inmymind,

    I'd like to point out that the economy and law and order should not, in any sane country, be an either/or choice.

    Richer country = more tax = more coppers/gaols = safer country = better productivity = richer country.

    Spot the flaw?

    I'd also like to point out that I have pots of cash and the police show b**ger all interest in protecting me and my idle rich friends either - so chin up.
  5. Roger, call me an old idealist, but I thought that ALL were subject to the protection of law, regardless of wealth.
    Lend us a quid.
  6. On an aside, the 'Letters' page of tonights Manchester Evening News carries three letter on the subject of lour lawless streets, one from an ex-soldier (not I) Its the first three letters BTW

    This guy could be an ARRSE member. or at least have been following our threads, like a literaray Ariadne.
  7. 8O A crowd of a hundred attacked a police station? Fort Apache, Norfolk eh?

    This is a very ominous sign folks...
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It's a shocking indictment of our society where this is considered acceptable behaviour by youths. Our criminal justice system, including the police service (although this is not about the officers but the system they have to work with) is fundamently broken.

    There's far to much emphasis put on rehabilitation and not enough on detterence. Yes they should be encouraged to not re-offend but the criminal is not the high priority in society, the common law obiding majority need to be. 3 strikes and you're out like in the US will awaken a few of these people up to their respnsibilies. And some appropriate sentencing. I don't get the logic that theres not enough jail space, if our laws prescribe jail for an offence then lock em up, not enough space does not mean let them go it means build more jails.
  9. When I first heard this story on the news I was waiting for the word Iraq... Norfolk!!! What is it going to take for this disintegration of society to stop? Alas I don't think a new Prime Minister or government is going to make much difference now :(
  10. No, but the EFFECTIVE detterent punishments that they could enact might stop the rot.
  11. From the BBC piece:

    "What occurred was entirely unacceptable and inexcusable.

    This was large scale anti-social behaviour and officers dealing with the incident were put at serious risk.

    It is behaviour that won't be tolerated."

    Unless of course it is happening to ordinary law abiding citizens in which case we couldn't give a flying fcuk. (that bit was mine)
  13. FFS people, this is hapening in Great fecking Yarmouth - ordinarily one of God's waiting rooms! The most exciting thing that happened in GY was when the huns bombed it in 1915!

    Is this not the ultimate proof that the forces of law and order are in full retreat? I mean if GY can be the scene of such anarchic behaviour, well what hope is there for inner city areas? I think I'll pop out and build a barricade across the drive...
  14. My bold. Have you any idea just how ****ing bad it is on the street as a cop? We're losing simply because there is not enough resources. That's not a 'claim' it's fact.
    Zero tolerance? Brilliant, but give us the tools.

    It reminds me of a debate I watched on Question time many moons ago. On the panel was the commissioner for New York and a member of the executive for the Met.
    I guy in the audience said that he was fed up of how crap the police in the UK were and why couldn't we have zero tolerance like New York did as it had turned the city around.
    The answer? New York was getting royaly screwed by crime and the citizens had enough. To combat this required.........honesty! The commissioner stated they had previously had similar numbers of cops as the Met had, in a city with a similar population.
    To efectively have zero tolerance they had to quadruple the number of cops and six times the number if civilian assitants to complete all the crappy admin' so the cops could get straight back on the street.
    The result? Huge reduction in crime, cops on street corners, everyone happy.

    Until the public realise and the politicians are honest enough to admit/realise that policing is totally screwed due to beruacracy/massive underfunding & lack of resources, nothing is going to get better.
    It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Just one thing, don't blame the poor bastards on the street please, becaude they are not to blame.