Not entitled to married quarters/moving out

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cowboy69, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. I left the army and remained in my pad for a while im going to be moving out soon. Ive had all the letters about court blah blah i, i havent told them im going to move out. i have been paying to stay in the house. am i still tied to have to do a march out or can i just hand the keys in and go. ive used the march out cleaners before but i thought this time im not in the army anymore and woundered whats the process now im a 'civvi', do they have a leg to stand on if i just refused to play there games now i can??
  2. So basically your 'squatting'?
  3. Of course they've got 'a leg to stand on'................... It's their bloomin house!
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  4. Another wind up?

    Why not move into the Tower of London?
  5. I'm no expert on this by any means, but usually (even in civvy street) the information is in the letters. That's why they send them.
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  6. 83 days, then they have every right to evict you, and take the court payments from your terminal benefits.
  7. Eviction is a rarity. The eviction notice is actually used to help people, as with it, one is able to gain access to council housing, whereas if you just left when you were supposed to, you would be making yourself voluntarily homeless and go to the bottom of the waiting list.
  8. Clean the house as best you can , have some dignity, sod the march out though - I just put my keys through the housing guys door.
  9. You can fight that one - You're not Voluntarily (Intentionally is what they'd use) homeless as you had to leave your home due to the fact that your home / dwelling was supplied with the job - same as a vicar.
    You have one year after leaving the forces as a priority, then you won't be a priority unless you have kids living with you. The only part is that you would have to return to the local council area you lived in BEFORE you joined the forces. So If you lived in London Borough of Hammermsith & Fulham, but are currently living in Plymouth, because that's where you were last posted, you would need to go back to Hammersmith & Fulham to be a priority and get a council house.
  10. Trouble is that they can then say that you didn't give them notice. "It was a further 4 weeks before we'd found out he'd left and then there was the issue of a months notice. Therefore you still owe us 2 months rent of £800". This can mean that no other housing association or council will touch you as you would have to have arrears of less than £200-£250 to get a property from them.

    Plus knowing the army, they'll say the house was in dog order and charge you another £500 for repairs. Get them in, get them to sign everything is OK and then shove 2 figners up at them.
  11. Cowboy. Why get into hassle over your move?
    Why not arrange a march out, present the quarter in good order and get everything signed off? You then leave with some dignity and can close the page on that part of your life(?)
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  12. yea get out u sponger and feck off somewhere else.
    people like u are a burden on society.
    You where probably a waster in the army.
  13. Did you wake up this morning to find a 1/2 portion of piss soaked chips next to you? Or, Do you need to plug yourself in the mains to kick start your brains in the morning?
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  14. You obviously did u knob.
    Ill bet my next months wages that you never ought for country and are a sponger from the state yourself.
    get a life and do something constructive here instead of supporting losers.
    The Army gives leavers enough in the way of help to find new accommodation and helps with employment but some people dont help themselves. Perhaps you beyond help
  15. Another thread enters its final death spiral.