Not entited to my eight year bonus...Or so I am told! Advice please.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mpez, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Ok,so Ive done 8 years reckonable, One year free. Enlisted JUNE 2003, TURNED 18 IN JULY 2004. Ive just put in paperwork for 8 year bonus, which is £2500 but Ive been told Im not entitled. They are saying that becaused I have had two bonuses I cant have this one. The bonuses I have had are (as shown on pay statement):

    March 2009- FRI 1(Infantry FRI) -£4500 (taxable) Icant remember this particularly well, though I think claming was conditional on signing for one year.

    January 2010- Commit B1- £5500- Taxable- This is standard commital bonus which is paid at 5 years and 8 years. It is the second part of this bonus that I am being refused.

    Could someone please clarify whether the information given to me is correct, and if so, why. I was never told that by singing for FRI I would be rendering myself unable to sign for 8 year bounty. They are, in my mind, two totally seperate things.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Why don't you offer to pay back the £4500, and then claim the £2500?
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  3. I think maybe you are missing the point? If I'm entitled I want it, it's mine. If that is no longer the case then I want a reason as to why. It's a simple point really.
  4. Can I claim 6 year money?
  5. No probs mate. Have a word with your shop steward. If you are not sure he is have a quiet word with your RSM.
  6. **** it, in that case, sign me up for compo for my MD 25 years ago, bastards made me stay in the field with a broken kneecap for 24 hours , before they realised i wasnt bluffing!!

    I want it cos i deserv it!!
  7. As there is a lot of people not entitled to a job any more who gives a shit!

    At least you still get paid.
  8. Personally I hope you get **** all. I got no bonuses during my time so as I'm bitter and twisted - **** you. You whining ********.
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  9. Who told you you weren't entitled?

    There'll be a DIN on DII somewhere which will say what you are entitled to.

    If it makes you feel any better I got my 5 year money, FRI and 8 year money albeit under AFPS 75.
  10. I remember reading something in the recruitment section of the army website about bonuses (only just started in my day) and it said that the original idea was that if you skipped the 4 and 6 years ones, you got the 8.
  11. Good to see what motivates the baby killers of today. And there was me thinking it was love of Queen and Country.

  12. Considering the Queen's a sour-faced wrinkled **** that I wouldn't poke with yours and the country's fucked what other option have they got?
  13. I remember when I got my 5 year bonus, they also lost my leave docs, which officially meant I'd had no leave and needed to use it all up. A good soldier like me always obeys orders. After a few boring days in Wolverhampton in the snow and the wet, I had a great time over in Australia, where it was Summer.
  14. Olivers Army?