Not entirely sure what to think of this?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SparkySteve, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Not sure whether I have a problem with an archaelogical dig but the 8 lane motorway is a different matter. I dont know how the dig could be of any use as world war 1 practices are extremely well documented anyway and I believe there is a trench system already on display, I think at vimy ridge. But having traavelled through fance many times I wonder what the impetus behind this concrete river is, hopefully not just 'progress'. If it is really needed is there no other route it could take. Obvously it would have to cross the battlefield at some point. Knowing the french I doubt whether theres any need for it and that theyve looked into more than one possible route.

    Either way the best we can hope for is that they show due respect to the ground they disturb.
  2. Seems the dead were going to be disturbed anyway.

    At least the archaeologists will get a chance before the tarmac arrives. Damn shame to disturb it at all. :x
  3. Thats something i did not know, and fcuking callous on the frog's behalf!
  4. I currently live and work in Ypres. Although I am in no way connected with the programme I would just like to point out that people legally cannot just dig to find objects/human remains. It has been done in the past by scavengers but it is not legal. There are a number of amateur/proffessional archaeology groups who operate around the area, under licence. Digs can only take place if the land on which they dig is under threat, i.e. building/road construction.
    A perfect example of this was about 2 months ago whilst a gas pipe was being laid just outside Ypres, human remains were found in the trench alongside a road. Digging stopped , the police were informed, and then a local archaeolgical group under the watchful eye of the official regional archeologist, exhumed three bodies. A fourth body was found under the road. Now technically speaking he was not a threat to construction and could have been left there, but no-one in their right mind would have done so. The road was partially lifted and he was exhumed. Not far from him, again under the road was a fifth body. The road was totally lifted and the fifth body exhumed. All are believed to be Australian. One of the lads was covered in his groundsheet. When it was carefully removed by archaeologists, his shoulder titles and collar dogs were still shining. An incredible and very moving sight to see.

  5. Very rarely but occasionally they can identify human remains so if there is the slightest possibility that someone can be named and given a proper gravestone then I have no problem with it. Even if they don't identify them then they are given a military funeral and put alongside their countrymen. I've seen this a few times and it is all done with the greatest of respect and dignity. The only people who should be buried under motorways are gangsters.
  6. Given the wonderful and respectful work done by the War Graves people, I am quite relaxed about the removal of remains to be re-interred in one of the recognised war grave places. Anything less than this standard of respect for the fallen now recovered would not be acceptable. If thet cannot be treated properly, work round them and leave them in situ. If they can be identified, wishes of any decendents should be sought and complied with
  7. Ummm, Sparky...Ypres is in Belgium but the French archaeologists are also well on-side but not always acknowledged by us. Following the painstaking exhumation of the remains found at Monchy-le-Preux a few years ago, the Fusiliers laid on the full military honours at the nearest 'open' CWGC cemetery but noone remembered to invite the archaeologist who did the exhumation. It was up to a good friend of mine to 'gatecrash' him into the proceedings. Bad manners on our part.
  8. Im a * idiot!
  9. The French are also planning to dig up several cemertaries to make way for a motorway.
  10. Now that ain't so funny.
    Do you have any kind of a link for that bit of info?
  11. I had a relative (now deceased, so I suppose that makes him an 'ancestor') who commanded at Ypres, and as such I have a strange bond with the place.
    I agree with the comments made about careful exhumation, done by the right people tactfully and with decorum, if the building of this road must go ahead.
    What I'm not so chuffed about is the French's idea of digging up Cemeteries - if they have already been moved to their place of rest, leave them be......
  12. Sorry didnt get the web page, but it was in Saturdays(0411) Daily Telegraph, Here is a link cant seem to find any other links.
  13. what page? I have just searched Sat telegraph (main section) cover to cover and cannot see it
  14. Oops, my bad it was the Express :roll: