not enough juniors on arrse?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. yeah yeah bit boring. however.

    Being in the internet age and with the ever increasing amount of wireless routers in the block i would have thought there would at least be a few more junior bods on here.

    i stumbled upon the rumour service on telic 3, jumped onto an internet terminal and it was already on the page. laughed my arrse off for ages untill i got booted off then made regular visits to get my fix when i was bored.

    iv managed to get a few bods on here, mainly through word of mouth chatting sh-it in the garages, the main thing would have to be either dispelling nasty rumours that squaddies love to spread and creating new ones. (dispelling the "COs dog in the AS90 on excercise" story and spreading the apparant news of the rebirth of lightweights spring to mind.)

    how did you hear about the army rumour service?

    where is all the new blood?
  2. I,like you, stumbled across it when I was googling something. I couldn't sleep that night and it managed to entertain me until 4.30 in the morning!! I have mentioned it to several of the other juniors of all services Army, RAF and NAVY. One girl told me she could hear dits anytime but I don't think they would be nearly as entertaining as some I've read on here!
  3. I managed to find it through sheer boredom as a watchkeeper whilst working as the sole UK bod in a Coalition unit at the time of the fake Daily Mirror pictures.

    Top tip, never work with animals, children, the Spanish Navy or the Japanese Navy-it WILL break your heart! :D
  4. easy are you from 26 ra
  5. no mate, r sigs. we have arty attachments. one of them was telling a story about how it had happened last year or something... i directed him to the site and the story as written on the army urban myths thread.
  6. Got briefed at Blandford to stop slagging them off on ARRSE, no one had head of it until they told us.
  7. Falkland Islands shit bored
  8. My Reg' "Old Mates Site" has a link. Found it a few weeks ago. Now wish I'd never left the mob.......
  9. I was searching for arse and spelt it wrong.
  10. I think arrse is brilliant! There hardly seems to be young singlies who live in the block on though! its all pads on the internet while their wife watches eastenders!
  11. well as for new blood...2003 i think we had about 5,000 members so another 22, 000 in less than 4 years isn't too bad.
    i think i found the site back in 2002, after i got banned on my 1st post from pprune :D
  12. i think the majority of those new blood are TA and trolls.

    there seems to be hardly any block rats on here.
  13. I found the site when it was mentioned in Sixth Sense around 2001/2ish.
    I didn't really start using it until I left the Army nearly two years ago, though.

    It's funny though, as nearly everybody has heard of it. Even on Sat night at my uni Summer Ball, I got chatting to a guy wearing his number ones (an RM) and we got talking, and even got onto this site.
  14. I stumbled across it whilst googling something or other.
    Agreed, a lot of people have heard of it, not many I've spoken to seem to be visitors though.
  15. What was that? Decent nightclubs in Brum???? Ahem.... :oops: