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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by skullmucked, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi this is first post on here - put it in this forum because I'm in the signals!
    Basically I've been at my unit for going on 8 months and no matter what I try it just is not what I was expecting of the army. As soon as work is finished at half four everyone is in there room with the door shut no one talks to each other and at weekends everyone just goes home. I am too far away from home to do this every weekend and I didn't join the army to do that anyway. Also at work there is nothing ever happening all it involves is turning up sitting around for 7 hours and then going to sit in my room again. I'm well aware of the "it is what you make it" saying yet no matter how hard I try to make it enjoyable it doesn't seem to work! Is it just this unit or do I have this to expect of every unit I could go to?
  2. Well, you have options:
    1. Get down the gym.
    2. Have a walk around the rooms and introduce yourself. Just remember that the first people you meet won’t be your long term mates.
    3. You are in UK so get out of camp and do something, make new mates.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Toss unit by the sounds of it. Where are you?

    Life is what you make of it. If there isn't anything going on around the barracks, get out and about in the local community and find others with your interests. They will be there - it may just take a little time to find them.
  4. uk units tend to have that after work stigma get yourself posted out to germany when you can and you will see a whole new side of the afterwork social calender!!
  5. Again depends on Regt . Being in Germany was one of the reasons I got out!!!!
  6. see for me being back in the uk was th worst decision i ever made!! (work wise)
  7. Ask whether you can get away and do some courses. It might open up some options for you.
  8. What unit are you in? Not all units are the same, I was in the same situation at my first unit. I was in NI stuck in a commcen doing an extremely bitch job and absolutely hated it. Decided to do something about it and did P coy so I could get posted out and go to 216. Best thing I ever did as I did a few years there and had a great time. Not everybodies cup of tea I know but Im sure there are other examples from other members of the Corp. R.Sigs is good for variety in its units and there is a whole world of weird and wonderful postings out there.
  9. Take up dogging. Its a pleasant way of meeting people.
  10. i had a similar experience to this at my first unit (3div) we basically sat around or spent the time sweeping up or rearranging the tent store, not exactly fufilling eh. TBH the only units i've been to where stuff was actually interesting were Radex and Jcuni, the others were boring as F&ck really. Germany does sound like a good option for you as your a proper singley, i had a chick when i went to Germany and hated every second i was there, town was pump, unit was pump, seniors were (bar a few) pump. But as a single guy and by the sounds of it young as well you'll probably have a blast, just make sure you take a spare liver with you.
  11. Make friends with a couple of the younger pads. They will of course have other priorities other than their mates however it will increase your invites to social stuff - especially with the bbq season just around the corner. You never know, you might get some home cooked Sunday dinners out of it.

    There will be plenty of others in yours and other Sqns who are in the same boat as you - find out who they are, introduce yourself and see if they fancy getting out of camp at the weekend.

    See whats going on with the organised clubs within camp and in the local civilian community. Persuing a hobby is a good way to meet people and will occupy your spare time.

    See if some of your mates who do go home dont mind taking you along. Good way to see new places and they often have attractive sisters/mothers!

    Quite a few options without even thinking about it. You may also find that if you become happier with your off duty time, your outlook to work and the unit will change dramatically.
  12. See how grown up we are on the Sigs forum this week? 10 replies and no one has called anyone the guy a nasty name yet! :D
  13. I put that down to you being busy this week - I'll give you until 11.00.
  14. Thanks for all the advice, hopefully life will get more interesting in the future.
  15. get yaself to germany where there is engrs! on a wknd we'd have the drunk bus and all were welcome however you wouldnt mention merging on the monday!!