Not discharged properly

Was supposed to be discharged in October, but still have no documents. I am also still being paid. As soon as I was discharged, I rang my local job centre, who told me they could do nothing without a p45 or discharge documents. I then rang JPAC, who basically said "what discharge?"

As I am still being paid, but cannot get another job dur to lack of documents, am I officiallly still in, and will i have to pay back any money?

Any help would be appreciated.
You need to phone your unit and tell them to sort their admin out mate.

Of course you'll have to make sure your not ABSENT first, and yes, of course you'll have to pay it back. You haven't earned it. (unless its your pension) :?
Na it's not a pension!
The thing is, I think it's an admin mistake by either my unit or JPA. I think they have both just forgotten about me, which is a good thinng. If I keep quiet, is there any chance of it never being found?

They'll find out eventually as soon enough someone from APC will try to post you or put you on a career course and your unit will click they haven't seen you for a while the result of which may be being posted AWOL. Best to get hold of your unit and get them to grip MCM Div/JPAC.

As for paying it back who knows. If they can get a discharge date for you sorted out it may work in your favour. The longer you leave it the less likely this will be.

Have you handed in your kit and equipment?

If not I would make sure it is in good nick and packed for deployment!
You would not be the first, or the last, given the gaps in manning!
Meanwhile enjoy our leave!!! :D
I would go and speak to your local citizens advice bureau, take all the forms / papers you have received from you unit etc. I would also speak to JPAC inform them of your circumstances, keep a note of all the dates and times etc and if it persists approach your local MP. It seems to be at the minute the only time JPAC will get there head out of their arses is when there is an MP or a threat of legal action against them, a VERY SAD state of affairs indeed.
There is a little known problem with the JPAC Terminations Cell often nt Terminating people but putting them on unpaid leave. I recently had a call from an oppo who had been discharged and has received his pension but no p45, JPAC stated that I hadn't terminated him - 'tards don't even know their job!! Plus they are now 2 weeks late answering an iSupport within 10 days.
I met a member of JPAC on the piss in Glasgow and was astonished when I alluded to what I did and her reply was 'so you one of those who fcuks everyones pay up then' she was on the offensive from the word go and she was a gwar!!
I got out a few years back, it took ages to get my pension sorted and that was before JPA. Admin admin admin. never changes :D enjoy it, it will soon catch up with you.
sretosf said:
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Handed all my kit in, even done a paper chase, any more ideas? Is it a fcuk up on the unit;s behalf or Glasgows?
You'll be quids in if the idiots nick you for being awol:)
No he won't - you don't get paid while AWOL!
I think he was refering to the amount of compensation he could realisticaly claim for in the resulting court case.
Don't forget to tell the TAX man about your pension if you are in employment - FYI if you are in employment your pension P60 should have a D number - otherwise a nice TAX bill will follow to pay :-(
I would do the following:

Contact your old unit and ask them to cekc if you can be viewed on JPA, if they can view you then Discharge Cell have not done your discharge.

Then ask them to check your Contract end date and see what it says.

If the answer to one one is NO then contact JPAC if the answer is no end date on your contact you may want to tell your unit to contact the MS8 Clerk at the relevent MCM Div and your unit will have to fax a copy of your 6848 to them for action.

Discharge cell will then pursue you through small claims court for your wages, but if its less that £5000 they sometimes write it off. Anything over this and expect a letter from the army informing you they are taking you to court .:)

Hope this helps

The futures Bright the Futures JPA lol

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