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I'm considering joining the TA.  After looking round the www and recieving numerous one sided pieces of paper from them. I am still trying to find the answers to a few questions.

So I have a few questions I would be grateful if somebody could take the time to answer.

firstly - how long is basic training and how many weekends do you have to commit to a month?

Secondly - I have been ooking at previous posts and it seems that some units are better than others.  If this is the case could somebody recommend any units in the East Midlands.

I apologise if this isn't the correct forum to post on but it's the only unofficial site I have found.

Thanks in advance

Alright there mate,

I think training time varies. I'm with 10 Coy (London) 4 Para and training was 8 weekends, then a 2 week Infantryman course. If you passed this, you were in.

Obviously there are some units better than others. Personally I couldn't see myself in any other unit, but i'm sure most of the others guys will say this also.

I live in Stratford on Avon, but have to travel to London for the Paras as it's the nearest Para base to me.

It depends what you're looking for too. In general, Infantry units have it harder than Signals and the like. The best thing to do is to go onto the TA website and take a look around.

Units in the East Midlands:

Other areas:

Happy hunting and good luck!
your recruit training varies  but after training  i would say at least one weekend a month as minimum
    east midlands  no idea of any civilisation  north of watford ;D
if ure going infrantry

phase 1 is either a weekend into and 9 day course
or a a weekend intro followed by 5 training weekends usually one per fortnight

phase 2 is a 2 week course

there is no minium commitment but if you want a bounty u need 27 days including a 2weekcamp
(15 days) a yaer which leaves 12 days wich seing as a drill night is a 1/4 its simple

find out what the units near, or at least accessible, to you do, decide which ones are the most interesting, then arrange to go and have a look. They're friendly to would be recruits  :)

If you can get there by public transport, or you Mrs will pick you up afterwards, stick around for a drink. Once you've got some first hand knowledge of the roles, commitments & atmospheres of the units, you'll be able to make a (reasonably informed) decision.

You might be able to get some impartial advice as to which units are good, and which aren't, but as 4Para said, most people will be biased towards their own unit. (Except me. I've concluded on purely objective grounds that my unit is good  :) ) Also, even if a unit really is good, it might not be what you are looking for.

We all expect an e-mail in a few months time from you, explaining how much fun basic training is!

Good luck,


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