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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Surfer_Smithy, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. It's my first pay from the army as I'm in P1 at Bassingbourn but after checking my account this morning nothing is in and I'm probably right in guessing that it won't magically appear later in the day. I'm also guessing nobody will be in the pay office. Just wondering if I can get on army net to check my payslip or even If I have access to it. Am I basically fucked until I get back on camp next week when after all the bills come out I'll be overdrawn.
  2. Give it till lunch time before you kick-off.
  3. You obviously didn't get the memo. We have introduced performance related pay....

    You need to look at the dates all of your bills go out, speak to the various businesses to arrange later dates. NONE of my bills/DDs/SOs and what not go out before the 7th of the month for exactly this sort of situation.

    No help now I know, but it will help in the future.

    I didn't get paid in to my bank until the END of Basic, except for the tenner a week pocket money I received. Has this changed now?

    You should be able to get on ArmyNET. Access the website and hit 'register' or whatever it is. They will take it from there. I don't know when they enable accounts though, so it might say no but try anyway.
  4. Oh most of my bills don't come out until around the 5th but stuff like council tax and rent come out on the 3rd but as my old job paid on the 28th it usually have me a week usually to sort any **** ups. The missus can cover the big ticket items but I'd rather not be worrying about it to be honest. But it makes sense what you say o try and get it as late as possible.

    Yeah you get paid your 11k apr monthly while in basic then after 6 month it goes up to the basic soldier pay, I got the option of 300 quid in pay parades before crimbo, but after deductions it cones out at usually 750 a month while in p1.
  5. 11 grand a month in basic? I am in the wrong job.

    What I meant about being paid, is that whilst I was 'paid' as in I earnt the money, it didn't hit my account until after Basic. in one 3 months worth wodge.
  6. Yeah just log into Army Net if you haven't used it before, you will have to set up an account
  7. Do you not have access to a duty clerk in phase 1?

    Not sure if its open today but jpac will be able to help

    telephone 0141 2243600
    freephone 0800 0853600
  8. Actually it's 13.5k for the first 6 months (New entrant rate)

    And it's payed monthly from day one, no more pocket money parades now! Apart from on day one week one!
  9. Seems it was HSBC that required the nudge in the right direction, thanks for the help and numbers saved them in the phone now.
  10. Is that when you 'kick off'? I'll bet no-one ever notices , you O2 thieving **********.