Not been paid, how do i contact glasgow?

I left my unit about a month ago to go on termination leave resettlement etc and am not going to return. My end date is the 4th of Feb.
I was not paid in december and have tried contacting my FSA clerk to no avail (probably because i've left and the they don't care anymore).
Is there a way i can contact the pay people in Glasgow or where ever it is and sort it out myself.
Has anyone else experienced problems like this after leaving?

Any help would be much appreciated

Many thanks


I had some right dramas too. Phoned Glasgow and they told me they couldnt speak to me until I was officially a civvy so had to get my FSA to sort it- Im lucky cause mine was a top bloke but yours sounds like a bit of a c*ck. Ive got the number somewhere. If u want it let me know and il dig it out.

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