not as much fun as the terrorist petition taggers go down

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. enjoy
    members of the DPM graffiti crew have been sentenced to custodial sentences ranging from between 2 years and 15 months for a charge of "Conspiracy to cause Criminal Damage to trains and railway infrastructure and other buildings" they have no convictions for violence or any other serious crimes, all are intelligent working men, who pose no threat to society. This seems ridiculous in a country where drug, gun and knife crime is rife and there is a major case of prison overcrowding.

    Those convicted for Conspiracy are:
    1 Jack Binnie, 25, from Lewisham: 1 year suspended sentence.
    2 Andrew Gillman, 25, from Battersea: 2 years custodial sentence.
    3 Ziggy Grudzinskas, 25, from Blackheath: 18 months custodial sentence.
    4 Alex McClelland, 24, from Dulwich: received a 9 month suspended sentence and 150 hours unpaid work order
    5 Matthew Pease, 24, from Lewisham: 15 months custodial sentence.
    6 Paul Andrew Stewart, 26, from Lewisham: 18 months custodial sentence.
    7 Matthew Tanti, 23, from Streatham: received a 12 month suspended sentence and 200 hours unpaid work order
    8 James Teasdale, 21, from Dulwich
    9 Slav Zinoviev, 25, from Battersea: 18 months custodial sentence.

    The sentences were greeted with tears and gasps from a packed public gallery. Then, as those given immediate jail sentences were led to the cells, there was a round of applause."
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  2. WTF? Who are the "dpm graffiti crew" and why are their sentences an issue. They got convicted of a crime so they're not exactly some poor innocent people that some evil judge decided to pick on for some fun.
  3. bunch of vandals suprised as **** they got sent down. :D

    some idiots started a petition to get them off
    might have to start another one :twisted:
  4. Hush, Stooge-do you not know that it is most uncool to dis da yoof, who are only ekshpressing their.....errm....ah......ekshpressions.

    Did anybody mention the cost of removing the tags that these numpties believe to be their given right to blind the eyes with??
  5. Whilst I have no time whatsoever for these f*ckwits, I do find it amusing that the establishment sends these idiots to prison whilst, on the other hand, lauding 'Banksy' the 'guerrilla' artist.
  6. The sentences seem lenient to me, when contrasted with the cost of removing their brainless daubs.

    If prisons are overcrowded, then I suggest two solutions:

    1. Throw out the gyms, televisions et cetera and make prisons SERIOUSLY unpleasant.

    2. Build MORE prisons.

  7. Fcuk 'em! Removing the usually unreadable sh1te cost money anyway.
  8. Often lost on a certain type of people is that there really is a difference between graffiti and art. The difference is simply whether the consent of the property's owner was sought. I've seen some brilliant pieces of work on walls, particularly a fantastic depiction of Judge Dredd that used to adorn a wall on the Inner Circle route into Glasgow Central when I was a lad. It was stunning, but still just an act of vandalism.
  9. Seeing as most 'modern art' is shite and offensive to my eyes, can we have that trollop who turned an unmade bed into some prize winning piece of 'art' arrested too?
  10. ... and shot.

    As for graffiti...
    "Graffiti. Term applied to an arrangement of institutionally illicit marks in which there has been an attempt to establish some sort of coherent composition: such marks are made by an individual or individuals (not generally professional artists) upon a wall or other surface that is usually visually accessible to the public."

    "Mural -- A very large image, such as a painting or enlarged photograph, applied directly to a wall or ceiling."

    "Fresco (plural either frescos or frescoes) is any of several related painting types, done on plaster on walls or ceilings."
  11. Boo fecking Hoo

    I'm sure they'll enjoy their brief spell at HMP. They can play XBOX, use the gym, take a college course, have their food served to them at regular meal times, call home and sleep the whole night through.

    Unlike the troops who are currently on operational tours around the world.

    The sentences will reflect the fact that they obviously conspired together for a common purpose.
    Don't like the time?
    Don't do the crime.
  12. Good. Before their release they should be made to remove their mess too. It's not art and it's not clever: when New York began its fight against crime it started with daub merchants such as these as their efforts contributed so much to a sense of a rundown city where nobody cared.
  13. I think the point is, kicking someone unconcious in the street and having a fecking criminal record as long as your arm won't neccesarily land you in chokey, where as graffiting will

    Who would you prefer (Because its got to the situation where we can't lock everybody up) to be taken off the street
  14. Come on people lets 'tag' their youtube comment wall.
  15. Because Banksy donates to the labour party.