not another para walt blah blah!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by doonhamer, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. shock horror one of my all time favourite singers is at it! that is one of the worst badge positionings too! outrageous! its so far round its nearly full circle!

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  2. Who the fucks that?
  3. Sure it's not 5ALPHA?
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  4. not in the SIB are you!
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  5. even he aint that old!
  6. Denzel Washington Walted as a Para too, so it is not that unusual in "thespian" circles
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  7. He's an optometrist walt too!

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  8. Fuck no.
  9. Probably in the dark little room at opsm as we speak.
  10. Wasn't it a film with him playing a para back from the Falklands Conflict?

    This one by any chance? For Queen and Country

  11. Great singer!

    He's wearing a thunderbird's cap badge on this vid!
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  12. Yes that was the badger
  13. Nice attempt at a wah....
  14. No wah, I've never heard of him either.
  15. And what about this chap ;)

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