not another para walt blah blah!


Great singer!

He's wearing a thunderbird's cap badge on this vid!
Hardy Krüger is most definitely not a walt, taken from his wikipedia page:

"In March 1945, Krüger was drafted into the 38th SS Division Nibelungen, where he was drawn into heavy fighting before being captured by American forces"
shock horror one of my all time favourite singers is at it! that is one of the worst badge positionings too! outrageous! its so far round its nearly full circle!
Many years ago I filmed a gig at the Clapham Empire. Desmond Dekka was supporting. He was wearing tight leather trousers and a similar beret. Sadly he was an arrogant arse and his 'rider' clause included a fair few bottles of Rum. He played 'the Israelites' about 4 times and then did the Vitalite version too - mainly becuase nobody had heard of any of his other stuff.

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