Not another one!!!


Another Mk 7's gone down on the Plain (all OK - downwind hover etc). What are you guys up to?

Is this a novel way of getting rid of the fleet??



Don't get your knickers in a twist - calm down calm down!

Conditions at the time of the incident - now if you're a Pilot, you will understand the implications - if not, it won't matter will it?

LEP, so, you knew the conditions at the time then? You know the area? You know the Lynx? Some would say I could answer yes to all three so I might have a bit of an idea. What I dont know is the cause, hence no specualtion. You quoted as a throw away remark 'downwind hover etc'. Now either you were hands on at the time or you are making a comment you arent qualified to make at this stage.

Knickers most definitely not in a twist.
D-FENS....ive !!!

Do you know who LEP is?? He is the nicest bloke ever to fly smelie off the Giants Causway (sorry LEP if that isn't your patch but was the first bit of Emerald that I could think of)

This is his office....

give him a break....he was just being a cheeky neighbour who says everything in the style of ardal o'hanlon....when the voices are active in my mind again...... are my hero!

Sorry if I appeared D-FENsive! I just get a bit hacked off with early speculation in these circumstances. I'm sure LEP will also understand this too. :wink:

His office a friggin boat!!! :lol:

You know I really can't be bothered with this Fenny - however, this is the second Mk 7 incident in three days - all walk aways - all so bloody lucky (thank God).

To reiterate, "the conditions at the time ...... " and yes, I am qualified to make those comments.

As far as the "cause" is concerned, no one here has inferred / speculated anything. It was by way of reflection - and if you have to ask ........ I will take it that you missed that part of the lesson.


No doubt you are qualified.
It was just the 'the conditions at the time' remark. It almost implies. I shall ask again, do you know what the exact conditions were at that precise time? If you had just commented due to the current METAR at EGDM at the time then its not exactly conclusive. And I'm pretty sure there wasnt enough of the white stuff around to create the conditions you inferred. :wink:

LEP is usually pretty good at telling me what WX is on the way......

sorry about the link...i'm crap at that type of thing...but look in galleries for a couple of snaps that he submitted with his previous username Ivor_Corker.... you can search by username these days....and no...he's not a troll....he just had to reinventhimself after the work net police caught onto his activities on arrse during

He's up front and knows what he's talking about.

However, he did say that this was more reflection than speculation....anyway, give him a fair hearing.... :D
Only info we heard at 4 is that a 669 cab involvied in heavy landing, then rolled onto side. nothing furthur on the vine of many grapes just yet.
smellypongo said:
after all that amongst you lot, is anyone any the wiser as to what ACTUALLY happened?
Just out of interest that is.....
Don't be silly......this is the Army RUMOUR Service......facts don't surface much here!! :wink:


Isn't it nice to know that when one makes a "mess" of things, the RAF will always come along and tidy up after you! (Is that because they're the third Emergency Service?). That's of course if they can lift it from it's present location, otherwise somebody's going to have to dig it out! - Oh hum.


it didn't roll. the guys did bloody well. IGB failed catastrophically at low hover after crew identified a vibration in a high hover battle position. Subsequent control checks caused the IGB to fail and they put it on the deck. BOI is trying to establish if the tail rotor hit trees before or after the crash. having recced the site myself I think it unlikely before. Well done to the two guys in the front.

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