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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by charlieone, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Evening all, just a few more questions.

    I was looking at some form of combat medic in the army, after extensive research I have decided to do a paramedic science degree at a local uni and join the RMP TA, which is where my question lies...

    Is there any point joining the TA if I can’t go on tour due to uni commitments? I'm not interested in walting around in the TA for two/three years, if I join up I want to go on a tour.

    Due to my self-employed nature, what is the time span of joining and getting deployed? ie if I finish uni, can I smash out the phase one & two training and sign straight up for a tour, get ok'd, do the pre dep training and get out? What time span are we talking?

    I understand these are all questions I can aim at my local centre (and some of them I have), but the protocol and what actually happens are two very different things.

    Also speaking to serving RMP's, the CP side of things are stretched, they are sending TA soldiers (the half decent ones) onto the course then out on deployment. I’ve done quite a few searches regarding this, this isn’t a new circumstance, they have been over stretched for a long time and TA have been filling the gap. My question is this ... really? I know it isn’t common, I’m guessing the guys selected are all above average guys (as from what I’ve read the CP course is demanding being a specialised unit and all), why isn't everyone doing it, it seems like one of the best jobs the army has to offer.

    If I show I am above average (to be conservative) what are the chances of getting out of uni, smashing out the training and getting selected for the CP Course, I’m guessing they expect tours under your belt? Would the Paramedic degree and work experience and hostile environment work experience put me in good stead?

    This is another question I could aim at the centre but I’m conscious of coming across as a walt, I’d rather u guys think I’m a walt and ignore my posts than the recruiters mugging me off ruining my chances of joining.

    Depending on the answers I can plan my uni around it, ie defer uni for a year whilst I smash out a tour first. I must admit after talking to people and researching the CP side it seems to be my bag, if the answers come back negative then shit happens, but if there is an option, I think mixing CP and Paramedic would be jobs for life and give me a ticket to travel the world with plenty of options to fall back on.

    I know this is a mahoosive post, any replies will be gratefully recieved

  2. Why would you train to be a paramedic then join as a monkey?
    Not best use of your primary qualification!
    Think more of what you can offer the Army, not what it can do for you.
    If you want both then do as others have done and pay for the civvy CP course from an approved provider

    Golddigging choad
  3. Wish I could help, stand by for incoming. CP work is long hours, on the long end of the logistic chain, often in places I wouldnt send Jacqui Smith. I would argue that to do CP successfully to do a normal tour with a normal unit. You will learn the slang, shortcuts how to react, how to stay proactive. You will on patrol develop a spidey sense, police call this the coppers eye. You also need to be able to command above your rank often in times of complete chaos. Not only are looking out for yourself you have to look after the dead weight which is the principle. Most of the top CP guys have experience, from the basics of soldiering to dealing with host nation support diplomatically. Something that the British Army does well.

    Some of the best CP guys are normal looking blokes who fit in well anywhere, the ones that look like Arnie with all the gucci gear are walts. Some have multiple talents, Paramedicine is a good one, to have.

    The problem with the army as I have told a poster on another thread is you cannot join the Army to go from unit to another, especially CP. The Army wants its pound of flesh from you and at the end of the day you are a number to fill a particular slot. CP is also a secondary trade, not a primary trade so you cannot go straight in.

    CP is hard work, Planning Preparation whilst protecting its the doughnut of death you finish one venue and you go to the next, the previous day you already recced this venue and written a briefing for this. So days are long, you dont go to bed when the principle goes to bed you are often up for another couple of hours planning. Its a nightmare TBH.

    If you really want to do this,

    Join wait out until your first tour is under your belt, get a command appointment, then apply. IF they take you and they dont like you you have wasted your time. Be warned.

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  4. Cp is ******* dull.

    If you are medically trained stick with your strengths. Then you won't have to **** around pretending you are nails while knowing **** all
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  5. Mandownmedic – all I can say is LOL, pay two to five grand and stand outside a hotel room? I can and do that on my ds badge, 95% of the jobs out there aren’t cp jobs, they can be covered on a door badge.

    I’m not interested in civi cp, I want to do hostile environment work out in conflict zones, primarily as a paramedic for organisations like red cross, WHO, UN etc etc TA is part time army, It's give and take, I work for them and I get training which I can use in civi life, if you think the TA is anything other than that mate then your mistaken, it works both ways, i know what the TA can offer me and I know what i can offer the TA.

    The uni doesn’t ask what I can offer it when I enrolled on the PMS course, they offer a course and I pay for it, the same with the TA, they offer the training and I pay for it by deploying and filling their needs.

    Armadillo - thanks mate, I see what you are saying and have been told/read as much. I'm aware of peoples thoughts regarding joining up on one role only to really want to get to another role, the police have the same issue with numpties doing their two years mand beat work.

    The CP work was more of a side question, adding strings to my bow in regards to progression, its more about maximising skills for employability, from the conversations I’ve had it seems a good path to head towards.

    With regards to the first half of the post, if anyone has anything to contribute towards time frames that would be great, ie could I get trained and deployed and back within 12-18 months?

  6. That's my point.
    Why will a monkey CP ticket get you jobs more exciting that a "door job"?
    It would still get you the sort of jobs you suggest you are after?
    The uni want bums on seats the Army (TA or Regular) wants men and women that can do the job and do it well, not badge collectors!
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  7. Most firms for hostile environments require a SIA CP licence, which by the way is only valid in the UK, it would totally depend on the company if you require one but nearly all that are worth there salt require it. Secondly you can get a job as team medic in sunny places with a 5 day FPOS course under your belt, although other medic courses are availabe.

    It's the other requirement like a minimum of 5 yrs military service and at least 1 operational tour that will mean you've got a good while before you can look at applying for jobs that are out there.
  8. Cheers for the feedback all, the CP was a side issue which seemed to take over the content of the replies.

    If anyone has any answers regarding the first part of the post ...

    Is there any point joining the TA if I can’t go on tour due to uni commitments? I'm not interested in walting around in the TA for two/three years, if I join up I want to go on a tour.

    Due to my self-employed nature, what is the time span of joining and getting deployed? ie if I finish uni, can I smash out the phase one & two training and sign straight up for a tour, get ok'd, do the pre dep training and get out? What time span are we talking?

    Cheers All

  9. I finished basic training with the TA, after 2 months I was mobilised for a tour.
    Most units need people to go on tours so there is always space for you. You get all the training whilst on pre deployment training.

    As far as uni goes, we had a guy who took a year out from uni to do a tour.

    Hope this helps
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  10. As stated some do there training in two months and go on tour, however it could take up to a year for various reasons, also many units, mine included expect you to do a year before you can volunteer, why ? to check

    1. Loyalty, do you stick with it after basic ? The drop out it quite large once people have had their share of the army, no point in rushing you through training, provisionally booking you on a Herrick just for you to waltz out the door
    2. Check you're not a cheese dick and can be trusted to point your rifle the right way, any reg with experience on unprepped TA will vouch for that
    3. Give you fair experience of the army before you hit it full on, don't equate a fresh from training solider with 20+ weeks of Phase 1 and 2 under their belt warned for tour on arrival with their unit to a TA soldier with 6 weekends and 2 weeks TSC B (CMSR). I joined my unit after depot many moons ago to find they were already deployed and was on a plane less than a week later, I spent the next 3 months trying to figure out exactly what was doing, then came home. that was in a time where tours were dangerous, but no where near the level of danger currently seen on ops, my inexperience made me **** up constantly, thankfully the team carried me, unfortunately the current unpleasantness is less forgiving.

    My advice ?

    Join TA whilst at uni, get training under your belt, earn money, make friends, find out what the army is about and if its for you and then once uni is finished either volunteer for a tour or join the regs.

    ON the CP side I have little to comment on except 2 things

    1. the RMP unit in the same centre as we are in have a policy of only letting either former regulars or TA with tours under their belt anywhere near the CP side of things
    2. My experience of CP was mostly in Bosnia where most generally took the piss out of them for being geared up walts and a mate I have that did it but mostly from the driving side of things (ex RCT wallah), as stated its long hours, stressful and tiring, mainly because you are always on the look out for a contact, that plays havoc with your body and mind, but not the sort of job you see action every day and when it comes its hard and fast and you have to be absolutely on top of your game. n a 6 month tour the chances are you won't even hear a shot fired, and if you do its generally behind you as you run away, don't forget your job is protecting the principle, not engaging the enemy in running fire fights down the back streets of Kabul.

    What to see action ? Do the medic thing, get attached to a Infantry unit and you will see plenty, in my experience no one likes the RMP (they arrest you) but everyone likes the RAMC (they save you)
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  11. Charlieone - check your PM
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  12. Firstly why dont you contact your local TA centre and ask them what contract you have to sign when you join the TA? I am pretty sure you dont have to deploy on tour if you dont want to
    (I could be wrong)

    Hi, I am RMP, still serving and i'm CP qualified, so I do know what I'm talking about. So hopefully I can help and add to what everyone else has said.

    The army wont force you to go on tour if you are completeing a degree. (Again ask your local TA unit)

    You dont join the Army/TA just to get a Close Protection qualification. You join the RMP because you want to deploy on Operations to carry out your main role. (Close Support - On the
    ground with Infantry, giving advice on Detainee Ops. Policing - conduct investigations as you would do back in garrison.)

    You may find that even if the TA load you on the CP course , you may not be good enough. Too many brand new recruits go straight for the CP qualifiication; the ones that pass have no idea
    what Operations are really like. You may be lucky and get loaded on and pass, but your going to have no experience what so ever to help you. You will stick out like a sore thumb and
    probably not perform to the same standard as everyone else.

    Simply.....Don't join the TA just to get a CP qualification. Join because you want to join the RMP because chances are you may not even get on the CP course.

    Good luck in what ever you choose to do. Seek advice from you local TA unit and ask to speak to the local RMP TA. Those TA units have senior full time RMP there to offer advice.

    Lastly the only people that hate the RMP are those ********* who get arresting because they think its ok to cave some blokes head in!..... etc
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  13. sorry all, i've been extremely busy on courses, training, working and studying!

    all the info has been awsome, ive spoken to the various centres and career offices and with the responses from the threads ive started i think i have a fair idea of what to expect and what to go for.

    cheers all

  14. hope all going well for you lad. I'm joining STAB monkeys myself atm and quite like the sound of the CP stuff and the RMP CP driver stuff too but am more than happy just to carry on general duties also to build up some experience as if i deployed straight off in CP with little or no experience I'd be shot. (probaby by my inexperiened self with my shiny new diemaco c8 cqb I'd be issued. lol