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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cannonpig, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Martin Coogan(Mock Turtles & Steve's sibling) on 96.2 The Revolution, a radio station in Manchester, recently did "Not Anagrams" on one of his shows when he had a poet called Marvin Cheeseman on as a guest. The idea is to take someone's name, then come up with a phrase that sounds like an anagram when spoken, but quite clearly isn't. No swearing, & they can be as complimentary or offensive as you like.

    For example:
    Professor Stephen Hawking - wet-lipped genius.
    Tony Blair - Lying hairdresser.
    Chantelle Houghton - Dayglo straw-haired pikey.
    Rachel Stevens - Wok faced banshee.
    George Michael - Orange bog loafer.
    Peter Stringfellow - Tangerine child catcher.
    Richard Branson - Lucifer chinned racketeer.
    Robbie Williams - Lame lunged lethario.

    Now you've got the idea, let's 'ave 'em!
  2. Cannonpig - gimp cnut
  3. Am I just not getting this or are you trying to get people to think of a name and some random words then bask in the satisfied glow of having written absolute and pointless bollox?
  4. Like many threads in here, there isn't much point to it other than having a laugh and taking the urine.
    Maybe there's a regional humour divide.....?
    Not a bad effort guru, But I think that, the_guru - Mulleted dole-drawing inbred, is more in keeping with idea. :)
  5. Blair - cnut
    Prescott - cnut
    Brown, G - cnut.
    Beckett - cnut
    Reid - cnut
    Straw - cnut
    Kelly - cnut
    Jowell - cnut
    Browne , D - cnut
    Johnson - cnut
    Miliband - cnut
    Hewitt - cnut
    Benn - cnut
    Hain - cnut
    Darling - cnut
    Alexander - cnut
    Hutton - cnut
    Blears - cnut
    Armstrong - cnut
    Timms - cnut
    Smith - cnut
    Hoon - cnut
    McCartney - cnut
    Goldsmith - cnut

    And, this Coogan fellow for thinking there's an ounce of wit or anything else in this activity - Total, utter, phuckwit, mong, cnut.
  6. Hell's teeth, Biscuits, I am far more impressed by your ability to name most of the Cabinet than anything else! Did you recall those from memory or did you cheat? :lol:

  7. I keep crib notes.
  8. I disagree with your opinion of Benn jnr. Seems like a chip off the old block.

  9. Don't the parents mind?
  10. Just so long as you don't keep an album of photographic evidence.
  11. I respect the elder in some respects.... However, he's a cnut too.
  12. Blast from the past

    VIRGINIA BOTTOMLEY I'm an evil Tory bigot

    GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH Huge berserk rebel warthog

    LEMBIT OPIK I'd kill to be PM

    ANTHONY CHARLES LINTON BLAIR I'm a lying useless b*stard
  13. No mate. Yours is way off because it is obviously not an anagram. Mine is as you say, close enough in letters and length. Practice what you preach

    And my favourite anagram (if there is such a thing)

  14. CAN I SEE A PATTERN FORMING HERE :?: :?: :?: :?:
  15. Tony Blair == not by rail