Not an Outrage more an observation - Poppies or Not

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Duke_of_Kaos, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Just back in from a late Oktoberfest and turned on the box, BBC1 Graham Norton on. All wearing poppies bar the one and only Alan Sugar. Now I am sure that the Beeb has started wearing early this year, but given the corporate links up with Sugar for the 'Apprentice' it seemed a bit odd that continuity etc had not offered him a poppy as every one else including the MILF Mrs Stephenson had one on her v.small black dress.

    Is this a Sugar see if people notice as all publicity is good publicity, face it from A64 to Billionaire.

    But as the Beeb gave an entire show to the guy that dropped out as his brother was seriously wounded in AFG it just seems either total contrived or a slight.

  2. I know where you're coming from but what pisses me off is the fact that there is one day decreed by the BBC when everyone will start wearing their poppies. Watching Strictly Come Dancing on BBC2 this week (I know I know!) it really struck me that all the assorted Johnny Foreigner professional dancers were all wearing their poppies. Was this because they genuinely felt a connection with cause or because some runner had thrust said poppy at them 5 minutes before they were due on air and said "wear this, we all have to at this time of year"? Don't get me wrong, it can't hurt for these people to be wearing a poppy but shouldn't it be about personal choice, walking the streets I haven't seen one person wearing one yet as I think for the general public 1 Nov is the customary date to start doing so. The fact that Aunty clearly mandates the wearing of poppies from an exact date and time is a little distasteful to me.
  3. Wear one if you want, don't wear one if you don't. No one should feel forced into wearing one.
  4. I agree, although I hate the likes of Jon Snow making a political point by NOT wearing one if you force people to wear one against their will/apathy then it ceases to have any meaning.
  5. The RBL say the appeal launched on 28 October - I have seen lots of people wearing them and there is a collection box on our reception desk

    I rather suspect the bbc has been doling them out to their people - but that can only be a good thing if it encourages others to wear them who may not have otherwise
  6. You are of course right, and I don't want to appear the curmudgeon at all. If one person doles over some cash for the cause because they saw Dick and Dom in da Bungalow wearing a poppy then job's done I suppose
  7. Wear a poppy whenever you like. Donate to the Poppy Appeal as soon as as you can. The two are not necessarily connnected.
  8. I agree with SixBadges - the two do not necessarily have to be connected.
    I also see MildPeril's point concerning the issue by the BBC of poppies to "celebrities" just before they go on air. Do these "celebs" get a swift history lesson ( and unfortunately its not just the "Johnny Foreigners" who need education on the significance of the Poppy sometimes), and an opportunity to contribute? And does the BBC indent for a supply of poppies to be kept in the costume/makeup department? Does the BBC make a general contribution (to Legion funds), or are the Celebs encouraged to "put something in the tin"?
    I have always seen such commemorations as a personal thing ( although we gather in numbers at the Cenotaph or our local memorial our thoughts are of course individual and personal), and do not understand why the BBC for example needs to make it somewhat impersonal by decreeing a date of commencement and the requirement for visible evidence.
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Fucks me right off that the BBC makes everyone wear it. You don't know if someone is doing it voluntarily or not. At least you could form your own opinion of someone if they had a say in the matter. I think John Snow (refused to wear one on TV, 'outrage' a while back) is a cunt, but at least he stands by what he believes in.
  10. the right answer. Personally, whilst I might donate beforehand I don't habitually wear a poppy before 1st Nov.

    Please can Arrse ditch the poppy fascism this year? It's below us. There are a multiple of reasons why an individual at a certain place and time and caught momentarily on camera might not actually be showing a poppy.
  11. What- having a dress code for uniformity, bunch of tossers. Next thing these ex-KGB commisars at the BBC will be directing presenters when to dress up warm for winter and go into shirt sleeves for summer! Thin end of the wedge I tell you. Know what you mean though
  12. I got a bunch a week ago and started wearing mine, unfortunatly I get through so many as I wear them all day. Which reminds me I have to stop off at the Village branch to get another fist full.
  13. and if certain people spot somebody NOT wearing one they get out the pitch forks and hound the guy who doesn't want to wear one.

    if not everybody wears a poppy there's outrage, if everybody does, there's outrage because it's not earnest enough. can't win.
  14. We should adopt the hard line stance taken by our part timing and permanently embarrassing TA brethren, it's easy really, 1 x regimental wrist band, 1 x help for heroes wristbands, 1 x poppy, adorned and worn until it fucking falls off and for the full effect a small H4H anodised medal on your flabby breast.

    To complete the dedicated look, plaster your ride in RBL, SSAFA and veteran stickers and make periodic and cringe inducing posts on social networking sites about a dead soldier you once shared a wet with in a rub tent in the APOD and waxing laconically about how you hysterically dive to the floor when a car backfires....
  15. Re the man Sugar, I refuse to call him Sir. I just want to say that in my opinion he is a Twat, no matter whether he wears a poppy or a tutu.