Not allowed to visit my partner

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Iceberg, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. I've been told I can't visit my partner in his block, I've never seen any rule that stops me from doing this?

    I've been told its against the Army Code of conduct but we are both single and he's only a rank higher than me (Cpl)

    Are they correct?
  2. Blandford per chance?

    Second thoughts...... stand in a drip tray when crying please.
  3. i dont think it is in regs but co normaly puts it on part 1 to stop males in female blocks and vice versa!!!
  4. I've seen it all now - what planet are you on?

    The blocks of other sexes are put out of bounds to the opposite sex (on Pt 1 Orders) for very good reason. It has nothing to do with your respective ranks but respect for the others who live around him/her and to prevent unwelcome visitors to the block (particularly males to female).

    If you want to co-habit then there is probably nothing to prevent you digging in your respective pockets and living out (once you've gained permission from the CO).

    At the moment I think unmarried heterosexual couples are discriminated against since homosexual/lesbian couples can now apply for a married quarter (though I suppose the new partnership law is a sort of marriage).

    The other alternative is to get married and apply for a quarter.
  5. They are not being discriminated against because they can get married, just like same sex couples can get into a civil partnership.
  6. Good post Percy. :D
  7. We should have a 'Trisha' section on Arrse.

  8. No I'm not at Blandford and we both hope to marry as soon as we can. In fact we are saving up for it, but having to get hotel rooms at the weekends is really digging into our funds.
  9. Maybe the Sigs should be more like other Corps who "believe it or not" have both male and female sharing the same accommodation block !!!!!!!!!!!!! (all single rooms) you just move into which ever Sqn/Coy block you are posted to.
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    when i were a lad in salisbury we used phone boxes, the cemetry and the bog at times oh and a lot of pads :lol:
  11. Mate - is that the World's smallest violin? Any idea what tune it's playing? :D
  12. "My heart doth bleed purple pish" DD. :wink:
  13. And by not letting them spend time together in a place where they live,therby forcing them into early marriage then a messy divorce is the way to go is it? Most camps are getting the new 'z' type blocks now,which are mixed. If its allowed in one unit,then why not all? I know I am probably going to get slated for this post, but you have to look at things from both perspectives.
  14. Flash - seen! I thought it was familiar! :D
  15. Saving for what? White wedding and big honeymoon of a lifetime? What a waste of good money....Its your life, so make the most of it!